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By Corneliu Zelea Codreanu 




Nest Leader's 



Meetings nest. Laws. Little flag. Initiative. Enforcement orders. 



2.Debt correspondent, courier and cashier nest 

3. The six fundamental laws of nest 

4. The small flag of the nest 

5. About reports 

6.When collecting nest 

7. Life nest 

8. Home care: punctuality 

9. A second concern: the heart good 

10. Start session 

With that head start meeting nest 
12.What can discuss nesting 

13. Rulings 

14. About the initiative of the Head of the Nest 

15. About the execution orders 

16. Closing session 

16 bis. Legionnaires march 


About the organization. How many types of nests are. Classification. 

17. Education and family nest nest 

18. Litters assigned 

19. Calling heads of nests. School staff 

20. An important role of the chiefs of Garrison Guard 

21. Another role of the chiefs of the garrison 

22. How many types of nests are Legion 

23. Litters of girls (God) Forts 

24. Body Guard 

25. Litters student group. Legionnaire Student Center 

26. Actual political organization 

27. Headquarters nests: in each county, the Center 

28. Head Change. Replacement training 


Tips for the heads of the nest under their command that unit can go wrong 

29. How to be and to wear a head 

30. Why should beware of a Legion officer 

3 1 . What to do when he feels an attack ademenirii Legion Head? 

32. There is the Legion "I'm upset and leave" 

33. Fighting with other heads Legionnaires 

34. Spirit negative 

35. Legionnaires heads a joint agreement must be 


36. Recruiting members 


37. Guard Uniforms 

38. Prohibition of uniforms 

39. Degrees and functions 


40. Camaraderie, discipline and confidence in chief 

41 . About Punishment 


Head of the nest during the election campaign 

42. Legionnaire election promises not 

43. What is our purpose? Where should I go? 

44. Applications 

45. What to do and what you need to guard the nest during elections chief 

46. What will be done before the elections 

47. What will be the election day 

Part VIII-A 

In what direction should be a spiritual leader of his people litter education 

48. How to submit a Legionnaire 

49. What should be in word and in writing a Legionnaire 

50. Legionnaire's Clothing 

5 1 . Legionnaire and handling public money 

52. Sense of dignity 

53. School actually created 

54. Prayer as a decisive element of victory. Call to ancestors 

55. Suffering School 

Part IX-A 

What course has come a legionary Legionary life 

56. Mount suffering 

57. Forest with wild beasts 

58. Swamp despair 

59.-63. The three exams. Findings Head Legion 


64. Legionnaire and politician 

65. Legionnaire and communist 

66. Legionnaire and Jew 


67.-74. What does a Legionnaire 


75. Legionnaires parliamentary regime. Circular F 

76. What is the committee of 1000 (Comit. Assoc. Legionnaires friends) 

77. Head Cashier Guard organization 

78. Subscription to "Freedom" 

79. Agents provocateurs 

80. Minutes of establishing a model nest 

8 1 . Where is the Head of selling Little Book Nest 

81 bis. The three covenants of a Legionary 


82. Legionnaire Brief History 

83. Legionnaires first covenant 

84. The first program point Legionnaire 

85. Speech to the Head of Legion Post 

86. Statement at Post - November 1933 

87. Program and soul 

88. The manifesto "ruin" 

89. Towards new spirit bearers 

90. Prof. Manifesto Cristescu (model manifest) 

91. Cuzi§tii 

92. Articles of the country's laws that need to know Legionnaires 

93. Poetry Nest Chiefs. Mota and Marine Guard Oath. Oath Legion ranks. The 10 
Commandments. Association of Friends of Legionnaires' 

Legion is an organization based on order and discipline. 

Legion is guided by pure nationalism, arose from the infinite love of nation and country. 

Legion wants to wake up to fight all the creative energies of the Nation. 

Church altars Legion protects the enemies want to demolish us. 

Legion of heroes and martyrs crosses knelt before the Nation. 

Legion is adamant shield around the Throne, the Archangels and kings who sacrificed 
themselves for the homeland defense and ascension. 

Legion of Souls wants to build strong and sinewy arms, a strong country, a new Romania. 


After two years of terrible persecution, "chief nesting Booklet" Captain reappears into 

This handbook of life, organization and doctrine Legion, with pages in which they were 
born, many have fought and died fanatizaji legionnaires, was persecuted and burned 
along with the bodies of our martyrs. 


Keep this book and do not deviate from it. 

It is thought the will of our nation's greatest guide to make a new man, a true elite, and a 
country like the holy sun in the sky. 

E flame of infinite love for us, Captain. 

It's the law over the centuries, for the Romanian people. 

Greetings unaltered, because we want to grow in spirit. 

So it will not darken the sky over our souls Romanian, Captain can not die. 

We have it and lives in us. 


Horia Sima 

May 1933, Bucharest 


Nest meeting. Laws. Little flag. Initiative. Enforcement orders. 


The appeal made to reorganize all the nests we have responded in overwhelming 
numbers. "Ancestral lands" will publish on behalf of all nests, giving them 

proper approval. You are all over the country and from all walks of life. The majority of 
peasants and workers. 

POINT 1 . Now you all know what a nest: a group of men under the command of one 
man. Nest has no committee. He has only one boss who command a corresponding 
bearing mail, a cashier to collect contributions and an email which links to other 
dwellings or county chief. All of them, like real brothers, listen to their comrade, who 
satisfies the chief function of the nest. (See "Legionnaires" part "Legion of the Archangel 
Michael", chapter "The beginning of organization) 

POINT 2. Debt correspondent, courier and cashier nest. 

Correspondent, Head of the orders you the correspondence nest nest. He writes and sends 

Courier linking members of the nest, or between two nests, or between different nest and 
superiors. He brings packets with brochures, magazines, and leaflets, newspapers, etc.. 
the station or the post and distribute to members. Orders is the head of the nest. 

Treasurer takes care to collect an amount as small (at least one lion per month) from each 
member. Or other aid. He also sits on the orders of the Head of the nest. 

POINT 3. The six fundamental laws is the nest.Old have been treated extensively nest 
directives (Directive abolished by the appearance of the leaflet to all). 

They are listed here: 

1) Law subject: Legionary be disciplined, because the only way you win. Follow your 
head for better or worse. 

2) Labour Law: work. Work every day. Work with love. Reward your labor or does not 
win, but pleased that you put a brick in erecting Legion and Romania will prosper. 

3) The law of silence: talk less. Speak to be. Talk enough. Oratory oratory is your deed. 
You faptuie§te, let others speak. 

4) Education Act: you have to become another. A hero. In all your school make nests. 
Legion knows well. 

5) The mutual aid: help your brother fell into misfortune. Do not let him. 

6) The law of honor: go only ways of honor. Fighting, never be cowardly. Let others 
ways infamy. Rather than beat a disgrace, better to fall on the road fighting honor. 

POINT 4. Micu flag it's nest. 

Each nest has its small tricolor flag. Silk canvas. Blade size 40 cm to 40 cm. Prajinii lm 
length and 10 cm. Above a cross. The canvas will be written: 


Garrison ... 

County ... 

This small flag is not removed or a time out, he stays at home, at the nest. The blade's 
Place "star" one, two, three, ... up to seven stars. 

The flag is a flag with seven stars loaded with all the glory. Stars are given only the head 
of the Legion, after the proposed county heads, or on its own conviction. 

A star on the flag means a great battle that took part in a nest, the nest was awarded battle 
was fought with dignity. 

Because the flags are all the same and made from the same cloth, good nesting bosses 
order them from the head of the county, and this order them from the Centre in 

When their nest flag? A nest can not entrust the flag until after 6 months of regular 

Therefore, a nest can not do without the head of the county flag. 

Section 5. About reports. 

A leader must make a report to the nest after each session nest week. 
This report will be the model that will give Heads of districts. 
The report shall contain the following data: 

1. Litter name and date of the meeting. 

2. This and the absence from the hearing. 

3. Membership fees. 

4. Initiatives and achievements nest under a week, namely: 

a) Different contributions of money for the benefit of the Legion. 

b) Subscriptions to different sheets Guard and especially "Freedom." Shopping sheets, 
brochures and books Guard. 

c) Sales of printed money Guard. 

d) Days of work sites and camps Guard. 

e) Cluster formation in November. 

f) marches, meetings in the field, visiting other nests. 

The report is the head of the nest and is taught for 24 hours with the head of the garrison 

The city is the headquarters of the District can deliver reports directly to Secretary of the 

B. Head Heads forward garrison district, between 1 and 4 of each month, reports received 
during one month of the heads of nests of the garrison, along with contributions. 

C. Heads forward head of the county district between April and July of each month, 
reports from the heads of their nest, from the heads of the garrison, along with 

D. Head of the county determined based on reports of nests in the county heads, the 
overall situation in the county for a month. 

At the same time make a general classification of the county nests, nests on the 
classification of sectors and sector classification. 

The head of the county makes a monthly report to be submitted in duplicate between 7 
and 13 of each month, the head of the Region. 

Head of the County report must include: 

1. The number of nests. 

2. November nesting place. 

3. Number of members. 

4. Increase the previous month. 

5. Number of meetings of the nest. 

6. Number present. 

7. The number of absentees. 

8. Contributions. 

9. Various contributions. 

10. Prints and subscriptions 

a) The amount of entrants. 

b) The amount of money spread. 

c) The spread of charge. 

d) Amount paid. 

e) The remainder of payment. 

11. Yards. 

a) Working Days. 

b) Evaluation of paper money. 

12. Camps. 

a) Weekdays 

b) Evaluation of paper money. 

13. Marches: In Mileage - man (multiply the number of miles do the number of 

14. Initiatives. 

15. Delegates. 

17. Organization's internal difficulties: conflicts, misunderstandings, different deviations 
of the Guard. 

18. Measures taken to remove the difficulties arising. 

19. Current sympathy, hostility or indifference. 

+20% Weaknesses of the Organization and the measures taken to strengthen them at 
those points. 

21. Dress, moral attitudes in society Guard. 

22. Hostile attacks - slander, harassment, abuse of authority - registered. Names and 
addresses of attacking them. 

E. Head of Region, compiled on the basis of reports received county, a classification of 
counties in the region and an overview of the region. 

Head of Centre Region forward for service personnel, between 13 and 17 of each month, 
compared with a general statement of the Region, comprising exactly the same points 
from the report of county chief. 

At the same time the head of the Region, a copy of reports submitted by county chiefs. 

POINT 6. When collecting nest. 

All nests of Legionnaires across the country gather every Saturday night, the day is 
Sunday, so everyone can at least delay the advice. But if necessary he can gather any time 
you call your boss, any day of the week. 

POINT 7. Life nest. 

Nest is a church gathering. Entering the nest you strip all the petty issues and your 
thoughts clean one hour worship the Motherland. Clock time is the nest meeting of the 
Homeland. Harmony must result not only in friendship to those gathered, especially from 
their ideal community. There will ascend to the nest prayers to God for victory Legion, 
will sing songs sent by the Legion, will speak about the dead: martyrs, heroes who died 
for the Legion and Legion comrades who died in faith, friends, parents, grandparents and 
ancestors, rechemandu their spirits up. 

In general, the nest will not give rise to discussions fiery, violent, contradictory. As little 
talking as much meditation, nothing to disturb the silence and majesty of understanding. 

The exercises will be complete silence. 

POINT 8. Home care: timeliness. 

If the head of fixed nest meeting at 9, then all must ponder affairs so as not to come either 
too early or too late. One another not to wait. Legionnaire must be man of my word. 
When told to take just one word for her. The country is littered with those who say many 
words, but do not ever take them. When you promise something, think carefully. If you 
think you can not, Green said, because it's beautiful. 

POINT 9. A second concern: heart. 

Legionnaire's nest when it comes to be cheerful. Do not start with the feud going, evil, 
because the nest has not allowed anyone to argue. When you have a liking for 
Legionnaire feud, to burrow between enemies. 

Great things are good and cheerful, because where there is God's good heart, and where 
the heart is bad, there to put the devil. So where does evil heart hath no headway. All 
going backwards. About the man who walks with heart and say that no papu§oii not grow 
on the field. 


At the time decided, after members gathered nest, nest stands head and cried aloud 


On hearing this signal all jump up. He goes face to the east and welcomes arm 
outstretched salute the sky, ie the height of the sun and light and that is the symbol of 
victory of good. 

Nest head slowly and said aloud as he repeats all the others: 

1 . - Let us pray to God. 

2. - Let us think about our master. 

3. - Let us raise our thinking about the souls of the martyrs: 

- Marin 

- Sterile Ciumetti 

- And all our comrades 

- Fallen for the Legion 

- Or died in faith Guard. 

4. - To believe in the resurrection and the Romanian Iron Guard sfarmarea wall of hatred 
and disgraceful thing that surround 

5. - 1 swear that I will never betray the Legion. 

POINT 1 1 . With that head start meeting nest? 

1 . With the information. News. 

What news from the Centre or received from county etc. 

What happened to the country. 

What happened in the village (village politics), city, factory, college. 
How's the different political forces effects: increase, stay, give it back. 
As our country goes Legion. 
Here the news brings each member of the nest and he knows the buzz. 

2. Order arrived. 

What orders were ever given. What does the other Legionnaires in the country. How goes 
the fight Legion. 

3. Reading "ancestral lands" and the other sheets Guard. 

"Ancestral lands" should be read in its entirety. In the true spirit he is Legion. 

All orders given by the center and the best information on the movement across the 
country. The Guard also will read local papers. 

4. Education members. 

Legionnaire must know: The Legion will conquer in the end all parties, and will put as 
many obstacles in their path. 

That all Legionnaires are ready to make any sacrifice with joy. That every sacrifice is a 
step towards victory. 

Ie the Legion has a program which will be published in due course. 

That through this program will rebuild the country. 

That the Guard will make this rich and beautiful country Romania. 

That the Guard are called by God that after centuries of darkness and oppression of the 
Romanian people to sound the trumpet of resurrection. 

Head of the Nest will seek to plant deep into the soul of each member nest faith in God, 
Fatherland and mission of our nation. 

POINT 12. What can discuss nests. 

In nests where time is also discussed other issues. 

Here are some titles of talks village: 

1) How might get a better harvest (wheat, maize, vines, etc.). 

2) What are the results if fattening land? 

3) It is always better to sow the same kind of grain on the earth? 

4) It may be that village to buy a threshing machine? 

5) How might get a better price on products peasant? 

6) How to care for cattle, our work companions not to suffer? 

7) n-rearing birds could bring an income of the householder, ensuring safer food? 

8) How could beautify the village? Improve roads, bridges? Caring for the church and 
cemetery, school? 

Here are some titles of talks for girls or ladies nests (Fortress). 

1) Women in Romania ninth Legion. 

2) Women's rights and liabilities of Legion. 

3) Sister Guard as a mother. 

4) Legion sister as a wife. 

5) Sister Guard as a fighter. 

6) Sister Guard and discipline. 

7) Woman Guard and the modern woman. 

8) How might give a more wholesome family meal. 

9) As more and varied introduction to the art of cooking so little known in the village 

10) house cleaning and childcare. 

11) How could that be done in full dress pets. 

12) Raising Children. The Church. Confession and Holy Communion. Love and light 
book, work, country. 

Litters intellectual. 

Here are the titles of conferences held in Bucharest AXA nest. 

1. Antisemitism in the Legion. The difference between the Legionnaires and Cuzist. 
(John I. Mota). 

2. Minorities in the Romanian state. 

3. Education in the State Legion. 

4. Moral issue in public life in Romania. Immoral writings. 

5. Legionnaire's moral education. 

6. Legionnaire character. 

7. Agricultural Policy. Financial Reform. 

8. The problem of workers in the State Legion. 

9. Romanian capital and labor. 

10. Industry and agriculture. 

11. Legionary State Church. Pre otul. 

12. Romania's foreign policy. 

13. Legion and Marxism. 

14. Army. 

Nests Cross students and fellowships. 

1 . The difference between political parties and the Legion policy. 

2. The difference between the system of organization of political parties and the Legion 

3. The affinity between Fascism and the Iron Guard Movement. 

4. Common points between Hitlerism and the Legionary Movement. 

5. Jews formed a threatening incurable? 

6. The benefits of the spirit of discipline? 

7. Why can save the country Legionary Movement and other political movements that 
can not save? 

8. Why cuzismul can not win? 

9. Peasant Legionary State. 

10. Worker in the State Legion. 

1 1 . Who is Benito Mussolini. 

12. Who is Adolph Hitler. 

14. Who was Lenin. 

15. Physical education, the main factor in education Guard. 

16. Fascism before and after 1922. 

17. What is Balilla? Its organization. 

18. Legionnaire song. 

19. France France nationalist and socialist. 

+20% How to combat trends Hungary over Transylvania? 

21. How to destroy the influence of Russia trying to Bessarabia? 

22. How to strengthen the border from Bulgaria? 

23 . How to save Maramures? 

24. There may be an art Legion? 

25. Legionary State and Romanians abroad. 


Nests composed of younger Legionnaires Legion marches will learn and sing at the 

POINT 13. Decisions. 

At the end of the hearing decision is taken. Every meeting should end with specific 
decisions, ie to show what has been sitting next to each legionary. 

Nest work: a) after receiving orders from commanders and b) on its own initiative 
(decision on who takes one). Head of the nest may take the lead in several directions. 

1 . Increasing Organization, or making nests in November. 

2. Fundraising through festivals, sales brochures. (Apart from raising money, which is not 
permitted among our member organizations). 

3. Dividing the world nelegionara after a well-established literature Guard. 

Each nest has a number of people known before it. 

They may be friends, indifferent or hostile. Nest is a list of their names and their address, 
and then intends to gradually convince them to grow in faith Guard. 

Then send each soul food books, magazines, articles, photos, choirs. Well studied human 
hearts and minds as they read. A man can to influence a specific book, an item, some 
stickers, magazine. On the other, other. Therefore nest should consider not to throw 
anything in the wind. 

Enemy must give books? Yes. Because after you read it today, tomorrow, tomorrow, will 
begin to falter. And the enemy will be defeated is shaken. 

This spiritual food is not sent only once. Nest is careful to make chicken wings. 

When the soul had grown in faith, filled with gratitude when they come, they'll look and 
you will ask what to do now? I'll answer: "Do what I did and you. 

Feed others and you, as you and I have fed you. " 

Material (brochures, books etc.), Sometimes sold, but most times you will find home free 
man, given its poor nest. And without knowing who sent them. 

For nest gives the effect intended and does not say who sent. Only at the end is known. A 
nest will feel great joy for everyone that I will bring the world of hostility and it will 
bring the world of faith Guard. 

Quote nest "Vanguard 13, no. 3 "for one month and a half volumes divided by 37" for 
Legionnaires "and 15" Wooden Skulls. " 

Nests of churches, children, rich or poor legionaries each for power, can do this work for 
the Legion giving great results. 

4. A nest site can take the initiative. That is to repair a broken bridge, a ditch, a road, a 
fence to help a sick child, to repair an old house or a widow. To care for abandoned 

So each session will make it imperative nest head question 

What shall we do to increase our organization? 

How can we help the Legion? 

Each member of the nest one is thinking and saying to the village we do in our nests, or 
in college, where students, etc.. 

Another says: in the neighboring village there is no nest to go there to do. Another says: 
money to help the Legion. For having money, the legionnaires will equip the organization 
with everything he deserves to fight and to tell Legion to see where we distribute (to 
support a road, when buying a van, brochures, etc.). 

The work of each nest is of great importance. 

Can not be formed as a nest and then do not work nothing, not to give any sign of life. 
Nest not working, not moving and no sign of life is passed in the catalog of the Legion as 
"nests death." 

POINT 14. About the initiative of the Head of the nest. 

Initiative is the most beautiful flower that a commander can wear. 

Head who takes responsibility initiative should know that it can bring increased 
organization, but can also bring great harm, as a boss in a good or bad uses. 

Not allowed in particular: 

a) To print something on behalf of the Organization without the approval of the Central 
Bureau of Media Guard. 

b) a written order or letter with content foolish to be interpreted by those to whom evil is 
addressed, or by opponents. 

c) Not to put the unit in action and disorderly, feasts, parties etc. or scandals. 

d) Not to treat or entering any combination of politics with other people groups without 
the direct approval of the Head Guard. 

e) Generally, a boss, as a Legionnaire, you must be careful not to make any fact, not be 
placed in any action which might jeopardize or degrade damaged Legion. 

When you take the initiative? 

a) take the initiative when there is no specific order given by hierarchical superiors. If an 
order to execute the order. 

b) If in the meantime the situation has changed, the head of the nest, like any 
commander's responsibility, take action on their own initiative, but judging by the entry 
for the organization to emerge as well. 

c) If by chance there is a greater place Chief legionnaire as head of the nest, the nest is no 
longer head the initiative. Command, initiative and take responsibility Legionnaire 
greater degree. 

Apart from these cases provided, the head of the nest is a large initiative. 

He will take decisions on their own, in good agreement with all members of the nest, in 
order to serve the cause of Legionnaires. As soon as he took an initiative, a report to the 
Head of the garrison. After serving it, reported back: "I would like to inform that the 
decision taken by us to run ... I brought it out today, enjoying a day that I brought to an 

Legion Head Weigh Legion's a boss, according to his discretion. The best leaders and 
best nests are those that best take initiatives and take them out. 

POINT 15. About the execution of orders. 

When a Legionnaire or a nest receives an order, is a matter of honor to execute, passing 
through fire and water, if needed. 

Then measure the worthiness of the Guard. 

When the chief gives the signal for a battle Legion Legion (as for example: buying a van, 
removal of a road, buying a printer), like bees nests, competing diligence and speed into 
each other, each must come which can give. 

Fri Whenever such occasions, must compete in a mad race toward true legionary victory 
all the nests. 

How would it be possible for a nest to be left out of the fight may not have brought him a 
little help as both small sacrifice? 

In these fights you can see who deserves to ascend to the new world Legion, and who 
must remain where it is. 

POINT 16. Closure of the meeting. 

Members nest rises to his feet facing east. Welcome with arms stretched toward heaven. 
All repeated the chief nest: "I swear that I will never betray the Legion." 

Then divide the legionnaires fun thinking about the decisions that have to execute. The 
next meeting will first see how to execute the decision. 

POINT 16 BIS. Legion March. 

Sundays and public holidays nests all categories: Brotherhood, cities, etc.. need to get 
used to march off. We do not know the country. Some do not know any nearby village. 

Holidays, rain or fair weather, winter or summer, to get out in nature. Romanian territory 
to become a hive in which to meet thousands of nests on all roads running in all 

During the service at the church to stop by. To stop the comrades in neighboring villages. 

The march is healthy. March repauzeaza and restore nerve and the human soul. But above 
all, the march is symbolic action, of exploration, conquest of the Guard. 

Mars is in order: Step male. 



How many types of nests are. Classification. 

POINT 17. Education and family nest nests. 

Each member of the nest, after staying in a nest and more time making education Guard 
may become detached from that nest to another nest in form and he will be chief. 

If a nest is about at least three members and make each nest, the nest old nest becomes 

A higher nest can spread if you can do in ten villages in each of them one new nest. 
Everyone is free to lie down after the power is that it has, so that a nest is making several 
nests, all of which form a sort of family. That first nest that was formed and all the others 
who were born from it, form a family. Each family has its nest of a head, but greater than 
all is the head of the first nest. 

POINT 18. Litters assigned. 

Nests in one village, community, city, factory, school, etc.. must have between them. 
Why? Because it does not collide with each other on certain issues (some have an 
opinion, others disagree). All Legionnaires will have only one opinion, one mind and one 
soul. We must therefore all be one boss. 

Who is the head of a village. 

If a single village is a family of nesting, the village chief is the head of Legionnaires' first 

If there are two families of nests, the village chief or head of legionary garrison will 
rotate each month. 

One month will be head of a family head legionary garrison, a head of other family nest 

If there will be three or four families each nest will return a month. 

Heads of changing the garrison, made a record of delivery and receipt of order, they send 
the head of the county to know who has the command that month. 

Later, when nests are proliferating, are chiefs of sectors to link and take care of all the 
nests in the region. Head of the sector is called the central management of county chief 
Legion following the proposal. He will recruit the most worthy chiefs of the garrison. 

In case of victory churches, a primary common area will not be leader or head of any 
nesting Guard families, but will be most worthy man who will have the Legion in that 
community. He will however be under the control of Legionnaire head in that 

POINT 19. Calling heads of nests. Cadre School. 

Guard garrison chief or head of a conference call to higher nest of nests when the heads 
subordinate to inform how's it going to work, communicate to incoming orders or take 
any decision. On this occasion the heads of nests is teaching school, that school to learn 
the head of the Nest: organization, legionnaire spirit that wants and what makes the 
Legion a chief debt Legion, all learned from this booklet. 

County Police chief calls her at least once every two weeks subordinates (heads of units, 
F. D. C, cities, sectors, Staff, etc.). 

The head when he calls people to give subordinate directives, or make them Legionary 
school, is not called to visit and do not serve a glass of wine as a democracy in the world. 

Like a regimental commander who is calling before the battle for junior officers to give 
them orders, so the present head of Legionnaire. 

We stand at attention. It will be hot, the symbol of power. The other, in a semicircle in 
the correct position, attentive, serious, aware that at that moment do a job of their nation, 
as that makes the priest at the altar. 

They will be hot. Make the call, it will give the report. It will play. Follow the same 
formality as the opening and closing the nest meeting. 

To legionary body formations. When an officer arrives, the body will be arranged in 
square Guard or lines through the flank platoons. 

POINT 20. An important role of heads of legionary garrison. 

Chiefs Guard garrison common to have a great importance in the organization village ie 
after the nests of Legionnaires have multiplied, garrison leaders come together and 
separate the better understanding of some nests of young people from 18 to 27 or even 30 

These nests young, all in one place, will be called "group of common Legionnaires 'X'. 

At the top of these nests Guard garrison chiefs will make the best head of nests 
(considering who made most nests and who has many qualities of head) and will then 
require confirmation by the Head Guard. 

If there are two good, will also be heads of groups such churches, one month to the 
exchange. They obey the orders of the Head of legionary garrison. 

POINT 21. Another role of the chiefs of the garrison. 

It's to ensure that it does not happen any misunderstanding between the legionnaires. No 
ambition but to conquer. He will seek to reconcile any misunderstanding very wisely. 
The Legion is the largest head, not stubborn, but those who know how to obey the sacred 
interests of churches, to sacrifice of his beliefs, from pride, to victory. 

POINT 22. How many types of nests are in the Legion. 

1) nests called "Brotherhood of the Cross". Includes only youths 14 to 20 years in 
different schools. FDC are just the cities. 

The role of these nests is to make learning Romanian Youth namely: 

a) Christian education: they must recognize, to love God and to behave as Christian 

It is immoral to kill a lot of soul child literature. It must be safe to sip this poison. 

b) Education in: Romanian young man must love his motherland, the Earth and the King. 
No country is like a chicken without a nest. 

He must be free of communist literature that stands against God, against family, against 
property, against Army. 

c) Social learning: the soul of our youth should be cultivated and maintained feelings of 
Christian social justice and equity and the thirst for creative work. 

d) Physical education: the child must be sturdy and healthy body, because he will be the 
soldier of tomorrow who will defend this land. (Legion Athletic). 

e) Health education: it must be guarded by numerous diseases, especially those who 
secatuiesc venereal limp all youth. In a word, we must care for the Rumanian tomorrow, 
which will bear great responsibility on his shoulders Homeland existence. 

POINT 23. 2) nests of girls (God), also known as "cities" when they are made up of 
students from high schools. All the same purpose of education. Tomorrow they will be 
mothers. And the child as it grows will be his mother. They help the Legion to work and 
spread their ideas Guard. 

POINT 24. 3) Body Guard: 21 to 28 years. All nests with members in that age group the 
Legionaries body form. 

Exception and is allowed under that age for members of their nests in villages where 
there is Brotherhood of the Cross. 

They are most active members of the Legion. 

In addition to education, they will run and spread our beliefs. They spread most soul, for 
they where. 

They make policy and politics is a battle in which defeat the hardened hearted best, most 
determined, most patient, most disciplined, the most active. 

Education creative act. He Legionnaire, will be that by his own work will build the new 
Romania, not to win something, but only the strong desire to see the country. 

His education must make the sacrifice, not gain, since only sacrificing all we could have 
a rich and beautiful country. 

His education must be made severe discipline, efforts to persuade him because only 
united, disciplined, of all may have the desired effect. 

POINT 25. 4) Students at a university Legionnaires is organized as follows: all the nests 
in a county student group formed Legionary 

Students, bearing the name and standing under the county's most worthy Legion. 

All student groups attached to a university district, formed Legionary Student Center, 
under the command of a Legion officer, aided by all heads of Legionnaire groups. 

Heads of groups and student centers Guard are appointed each year by the Grand Council 
Legionary University, working under the chairmanship of the Head Guard. 

This council is composed of the President Guard university centers and five heads of each 
Legionnaire groups. Students at each university in alphabetical order automatically 
elected county each year. In cases of special celebration, the council may take part in all 
student leaders Guard units (nests, groups and centers). 

A legionnaire officer of any unit can not occupy the same time a service in any of the 
committees of the general student organizations, such as: clubs, societies faculties, 
centers, etc.. For Legionnaires delegate these functions under his command, or you will 
need to enter personal Guard will give another command. 

POINT 26. 5) political organization itself: older people are nests, which they will do so 
Legionnaire education will act politically, protect and guide the younger ones. 

The leadership has the political head of the county, which oversees and directs the work 
while other Guard units. 

POINT 27. 

All these counties are in each district headquarters and the center of their specials 

Thus, in each county are: 

- Head of the Brotherhood of the Cross (FDC); 

- Girls and ladies head fortress. 

- Head of Legionnaires Corps. 

- Head of Corps Workers 

- Head of Political Organization. 

All these are part of the county as of the staff, respecting and listening to the head of 
county political organization. 

At the center are: 

- FDC Command 

- Command fortress girls. 

- Legionary Corps Command 

- Command Corps Legionary Workers 

- Student Body Legionary Command 

- Organisation of political leadership 

All of them are under the direction of the Head Guard. 

POINT 28. 

As a general rule, all these changes with the year heads. Heads of political organization 
may be two years or more with the approval of the Legion. 

Each head takes care of time to form replacement. 

Former heads go into a higher situation carefully and have all the guidance and 
counseling, and supervision of current heads of the good of the whole organization. They 
attend every meeting and always give up their views. 

They meet in particular the role of judges for any misunderstandings or conflicts arising 
between the legionnaires, seeking their wisdom and experience to reconcile things and 
keep the biggest mistake organization: misunderstanding, division. 


Tips for the heads of the nest under their command that unit can go wrong. 

POINT 29. 1) How should be and behave a boss. 

A leader must be wise, well you should think about a decision for it to be good. 
Judgement must be taken quickly and be completed. 

You must be gentle and love to people under his command. 

Must be cheerful, so must appear before those they command, not dark bitter angry. 

Should be straight with the Legionnaires and worldwide. No opponent can not do 
injustice. Will fight with him, he will win, but the ways of justice, of morality, not by 
cowardice or deception. 

You must be brave and determined in distress watch. So for instance, if you see a man in 
distress, a Legion of Honor duty is to jump to save, confronting danger. Ex.: Fire, 
drowning etc. 

Need to share joys and sorrows with all his comrades. In any occasion in the world, not 
only in Legion, he must choose the most difficult place. A Legionnaire Tnghesuie§te not 
to grab the first seat at the table or the best bed to sleep. 

Must be skilled, ie an order to take him to a conclusion, employing the most intelligent 

You must order and lead to clear and people to victory. 

Do not speak ill of his comrades. Do not allow him to speak ill of others. 

To know how to keep harmony in the unity drive. It is of paramount importance. A leader 
should have all the qualities of the world and if a control unit which is strife, dissension, 
misunderstanding, it should be immediately replaced. There are some managers who take 
your order as soon as a unit, the unit begins to disintegrate. 

Be very courteous to everyone. Do not startling the world because it attracts rather than 
remove it. 

Must be sober at all. For example: can not conceive any head or a drunk Legion. 
Legionnaire can spend, but not drunk. 

To be a man of my word. 

To be an honor to draw his esteem for all people around. 

In short, to behave in a way that everyone can say: "In a Legionnaire you can trust, for 
one thing got a Legion of him to complete it. " 

Head Guard is a funny man, who in any circumstance no matter how hard it is, comes on 
top. He must be victorious. It will fall, he will rise again and will win. 

Only endowed with such qualities, a Legionnaire will head the school litter and by 
example, every Romanian turn creating a new soul, a true character who will know to 
prevail in all circumstances and that the country will be proud. 

POINT 30. 2) Why should keep a Legion officer. 

a) Do not be lured into leaving. Opponents have two ways of fighting. The first way to 
attack openly crush us. If they see that we survived and I was crushed, then try the second 
way: enticing some people to our division. 

An example: the Vacaresti of March 28, 1924. This process aimed to crush us. But we 
have resisted, we were defeated, that I was acquitted. 

Different people have claimed high-ranking friend with us (after trial), call us at the table, 
we praised: that we are good, we're talented, so we'll go far. 

At the same time trying our division: speaking ill of other comrades. 

We got this notice of appeal and what I heard, I came and we said to each other. And the 
attack failed. And in November, after 10 years, we are so united as in the first hour. 

Now against the Legionary Movement, uses the first means is: we attempt to crush 
opponents. When they see that we can crush it but will try the second way: by grooming 
our division. 

Do not see how they split all parties in Romania, all the grooming liberals in two 
averescanii into two, and now, finally, national and Peasants are ready to be defeated and 
broken in two. They will try and November. But we will be ready and we will win. 

POINT 31. What should a chief Legion, when he feels ademenirii attack. 

Immediately report to his boss and head of the Legion and openly say it is part of the 
nest. That is to reveal the intrigues of enemies. 

POINT 32. b) There is the Legion "I was upset and leave." 

If you argue with someone with a comrade, legionnaire must reconcile. In any case, can 
not leave the Legion on this ground, because it can not be mad at the Legion, that the 
fight for salvation of his country. And if they leave, his mistake is very high compared to 
all Legionnaires, Legion flag girl and girl of his people. 

One can leave the Legion is no longer believed, but not when they get angry. 

POINT 33. c) Coping with other heads Guard. 

It is a big mistake as a leader Legion of envy, begin to cry in front of people from the nest 
or village, a colleague of his. This leads to the division in two of the Legionnaires, the 
struggle of the juveniles, the victory of the enemy. 

This is so bad that the Legion considers such acts almost like a betrayal. How? For your 
ambitions to destroy the Legion? 

Even if they are personal enemies, the legionnaires have become no longer fight, not to 
mention the bad, fighting each function that has faithfully served the cause legionary 
victory tomorrow. 

POINT 34. d) a negative spirit. 

Another disease to be a head Legionary shield and keep everyone in their organization, 
which is very dangerous disease because it brings disagreement within an organization 
and especially for the large wings that cut incentives, is critical. Criticism in the form of 
eternal discontent. 

There are some people that whatever you say or whatever you do, they are always 
dissatisfied and always have something to say. They take place every attempt creative 
people actually cut momentum. 

Our organization is a critical organization, the negation, but an organization with the 
spirit of contention, the combativeness, the offensive. 

Let us be critical to historians, we now have to conquer and was done as much and as 

POINT 35. e) All heads of all Legionnaires Legionnaires and a common, factory, etc.. 
must agree on all issues of concern to our organization. 

Ex.: Faculty of Letters in Bucharest have made choices for President and the Committee. 
Legionnaire X, with his comrades have, legionaries, the candidate on a list, and another 
with another group of legionnaires legionnaire ran another list. Legionnaires broke in two 
and fell to the vote. 

Legionnaires will not make such mistakes. They will go together even on a bad road 

Because the road is the worst dezunirea. 

On the other and would go to hell if Legion band, the will be united, all hell will win and 
then will return back to winning. Ex.: When choosing a primary joint chiefs Legionnaires 
decide whether to vote on a particular man, there must be Legionnaires to vote on another 
or start with the criticism. 

All in a thought and a soul. 

And opponents say: "Let's put our best with the Legionnaires, they are all people of one 
piece, determined and united. Who will vote them out one mayor, go for it all to one side. 


Recruiting members 

POINT 36. 

Head of the nest when they recruit members, must take care: seeking the evidence most 
worthy and developed sense of dignity. Necinstitii, har|ago§ii people scandal, trufasji, 
laudarosji, who filled her fricosji, cowards, must be left outside the Organization. 

And to be sure that none of the above items will not be able to enter the Organization 
number in any village Legionnaires could not be more than half of the villagers. Once the 
number of Legionnaires reached, no one organization can receive, leaving only to get as 
far as seats are free. 

In any event, the organization must be guarded by people who can not live without 

Once a member of the nest can not be understood by other members it will have to leave 
the organization, Tnaintandu his resignation. 

Better a few, living in a full brother, in perfect unity, more than arguing among juveniles. 

Head of the Nest will seek to keep the organization sent agents provocateurs or spies, 
crooked politicians, or profession. 


Guard Uniforms 

POINT 37. 

Across Europe, there is a trend to introduce a soldierly virtues in public life of countries. 

Instead vorbariei and long speeches, people want short sentences, clear and precise as 
that of the soldier. 

In place of doubt and lack of courage today, people want: the decision quickly. 

In place of democratic committees, which discuss, argue and do not take decisions, 
people want discipline leader and all. (It is understood, aided by committees set) 

Rather than discourage, people want reliable, fun, pride osta§easca. 

In place of laziness, people want work from morning till evening, everyone, not just three 
parties to work and some only to the party. 

Instead of lust for gain, the desire to draw a benefit from the policy, people want to 
sacrifice the country as a soldier's sacrifice on the fields of battle. He does not seek to win 
anything, he gives everything, work, soul, life for his country. It deserves us. If you 
would give all the people who make policy: work, soul, country life, the Romanian 
country would be better! Here's what will make Legionary school. 

In place of discord and strife, we are soldiers and comradeship beautiful perfect as a band 
unit, the whole nation. All have a single thought: Patria, one flag, one leader, one King, 
one God, one will: to slujii them faithfully until death. Legionnaire uniform and made her 
back because he sees all these great soldierly qualities that make up nations, and winning, 
against all difficulties. Uniform is green shirt, belt, diagonally. 

POINT 38. Prohibition of uniforms. 

Government uniforms port prohibited by law. Once the law passed, we must obey. 
Legionnaires will not get out in public dressed in uniform. 

But we do not give up on her. We'll make them wear uniforms and holidays only and 
only in our homes where we are masters and free to dress as we want. 

We will gladly take, waiting time when lawmakers will be convinced that these uniforms 
are not a danger to the beautiful country, but on the contrary, are good. 

Should there Legionnaire who's house to not have uniforms to wear no holidays, you will 
need to do honor to a guest, guest, dressing in green shirt. 

It will be a feast in the house of a Legionnaire when he and his family will take in the 
beautiful green shirt, symbol of spring Romanian Nation. 

POINT 39. Degrees and functions. 


The newcomer in the Legion, is called member. 

After three years, it may be promoted to Legionnaire. 

Next: - Instructor Legionnaire 

- Commander-in-aid 

- Legion Commander 

- Commander of the Annunciation 

- Senator Legion, honorary nature. 
Features - Head of the Nest 

- Head of the garrison 
-Head of the net 

- Team leader, camp site, head to the body Legionnaire 

- County chief 

-Head of region 

It is imperative that the function to be occupied by one degree. The function gives honor 


POINT 40. Camaraderie, discipline and confidence in chief. 

An organization can never achieve victory without unity. Organizations shaky drive, 
most times an hour break before the victory in two (ie it breaks the enemy's plots) and 
take the fight between them. At that moment everything is lost. One thing remains: the 
victory of the enemy. 

This is why any organization needs to ensure unity. It is achieved through two means: 

1. the camaraderie, the force of the soul, which unites in a holy brotherhood of all fighters 

2. through discipline, external force that harmonises all wills to achieve the same 

A chief legionnaire, so it must be disciplined, to have confidence in its leaders. 

Camaraderie, confidence and discipline officers that make up the first two inverted wine, 
the third, discipline comes from the top down, so that the unit is ensured, even when the 
items below could be other views or opinions stated. Therefore, education as a discipline 
remains a major safety valve to ensure the unity and thus the victory, when other means 
have been exhausted. 

Head of the nest will have to look in all circumstances to develop that sense of discipline 
in any legionnaire and especially to do it by example that will give him. 

Do not forget, that discipline is essentially voluntary superior because it requires a waiver 
of the personality and any waiver for a great purpose is superior spiritual essence. 

POINT 41. About punishments. 

Do not dwell here on penalties in the world of Legion, because we consider that it will 
not be needed. In any case, the penalties start at first twit, twit second, third snub. 
Remove from the field by one month, eliminating two months, eliminating three months, 
eliminating the six months through to eliminate forever the organization. Also, lifting the 
command limited or unlimited time. 

The heads of county and Guard corps commanders can give punishment to eliminate 
from the field by two months. Over the Legion can decide only the head. 

More importantly, however, is how beautiful, dignified, gentle as a legionnaire receives 
his sentence. Admit the mistake, nor angry, nor rebels, a run and decided that the 
dignified attitude and to retake the position. 

In any case, to execute an order, is one of the biggest mistakes possible when it is done 
intentionally. And if it occurs, will have to leave the organization legionnaire. 


Head of the nest during the election campaign. 

As seen before, the goal is not legionary campaign but the campaign is of great 
significance because it is the only way that we make available to law to make any change 
we want in the country. 

The fate of the country for three or four years, and sometimes more, seals on the day of 
elections. In that hour, the voter is master of the country. What will he decided by his 
vote, that will be. But for this election day walk buyers silver souls of political parties, 
with the beverage, food to buy votes. In the face of political bluster, we are opposed to 
faith in better days for the Romanian people and we will win, as we have won Tutova 
Neamt etc. 

Here's what the head of the nest will have to give great importance to the campaign. 

POINT 42. Legionary electoral promises made. 

All politicians on the eve of the election campaign, beginning with his promises. 

A chief legionary promise what we can do than that. We do not promise money, spirits do 
not promise, do not function. We do not buy with money the souls of men. Those who 
come for God's sake do not. But who comes in the name of Satan buys their souls with 

A legionnaire will head says 

Do not promise money, but we promise justice. 

Do not promise you'll do something, but we promise to work to fight for our country. 

Who wants to fight for justice and honor in the country, who wants to work for his 
homeland, who wants to make sacrifices along with us to come with us. 

It will be better? Yes. Because things are going in a country like a household. If the 
household is a good land, rich and endowed with everything deserves a household, and 
the householder is not worthy, it's wasteful, drink everything, argue all day will ruin the 
household and the children will live very wrong. They will be bitter and hungry. 

But that is changing householder with an honest, hardworking, worthy? Household will 
soon flourish and all children and they will bloom like peonies. 

Our country and it's not a household with good land and rich? With all she deserves? We, 
Romanians, are not children in the household? And we're not bitter and hungry? 

When we changed the household, then we will not be so. This will make the Legion. It 
will change the household, ie governments and parties will make an Iron Guard 

This is the only promise that makes Legionnaire on the eve of elections and always. 

Item 43. What is our purpose? Where should I go? 

Head of the nest must all legionnaires school and tell them that our goal is to choose a 
number of 5, 10, 20 deputies. He is far greater, far more sacred and more difficult. 

We should do that all over Romania to become Legion. 

New Spirit Legion should govern. The country should be run at will Guard. 

Therefore, a Legion member who came in a county, must run in 5-6 counties to preach 
the new faith and call to life all the time preparing the Romanians victory. 

Some say: then came down to us, but now it's over, I chose him and not coming. 

Re: How come, if there are 71 counties with 71 cities and 10,000 common where the 
chief has ordered the Legion to run to make new nests, organize and prepare for the big 
victory? And if we go in every municipality, means 10,000 days and 10,000 days is 365 
days in each year, almost 30 years. See how hard is that in each community to come 
once, but to come two, three, or? We would get a lifetime. Legionnaires must understand 
and explain it all working people. They should enjoy when I see that two years ago I had 
only organizations in the counties of Cahul, Neamt Covurlui and another 3, 4, and now 
we have 50 counties. 

Others say: "I chose IACA and the guys from the Legion. No they have not done 
anything. " 

Legionnaires will answer lawmakers Legionnaires, even if they were 30-40, they can not 
do much. Wait Legionnaires defeat in the country, to extend from one end to the other 
and then to see big reforms that will bring. Laws that they have prepared for greater 
justice Legionnaires are laws that people have long expected. 

Who believe in final victory, who knows how to fight to the end, only one is Legion. 
Only one who did not doubt in his heart will really enjoy the hour of victory, when the 
Romanian nation will be held by the will of its own, new road, highway, road victory. 

POINT 44. Applications. 

Legionnaires Members immediately after the elections, received thousands of requests. 
Some people ask for money, ask others to give them work, others ask for free firewood, 
others ask earth. 

A legionary required. 

He says we do not need money or services. Let us just laws in the country, for the just 
laws we earn money and live through our work. 

Legionnaires Members can not run with 2,000 requests from ministries for 2000 people, 
which to serve, while 14 million peasants, workers, clerks, and wait and wait for their day 
of justice. 

Members will not appoint Legionnaires 5-6 partisans in a village, as do political parties 
and the poor poorer and bitter lot to draw life from the yoke. 

And then if a Legion member a minister prays to make a service for one, two, three, 
people, the day they pray and minister to turn a blind eye to laws that make it, to cease 

Therefore Legionnaires heads will have to explain these things to all people and make 
them true Legionary school. 

They need to tell everybody. 

I joined the Legion in November if we do not ask anything for ourselves, but we give. 
We give our soul, we work, give pain, give everything we have for the holy day of 
victory of the Romanian people. 

POINT 45. What to do and what should be the head guard the nest during the election 

Immediately after the fall of the government, heads of nests will hold meetings with their 
nests every two days. They also will gather in special session with all other heads of the 
village or joint nest to study the situation and take whatever measures they think they see 

fit for the Legion to come out as well. Also, take measures to execute incoming orders if 
such orders have come from county leaders. 

POINT 46. What will be done before the election. 

a) Our school sign with everyone in the village election. 

The sign must be done on paper, small, and so the village children to know him perfectly. 
It will interest the chief county on which page of the ballot is a sign of our people in time 
and explain whether it is on page 1, 2 or 3. 

b) To look for the sign to be made with chalk, lime or pitch inside the village and on the 
road outside the village. 

c) Each person will be entrusted with the nest at least five householders of the village, 
which seek to convince them to vote for the Legion. 

d) There will never believe he will not let other people to believe the lies they will spread 
the opponents about us: that the list of retired, that the sign is not on our ballot, that we 
abolished by law organization, that no one has the right to vote with the Legion, who will 
say something that the Legion will be punished, I was arrested, beaten, killed, shot, etc.. 
All the lies they tell about us opponents during the election campaign to confuse the 
voters not to vote in November. Others try to lure the world by claiming that we would 
Cuzist. Legionnaires will say we are not nor will we be Cuzist! 

e) It is very likely not reach the village nor a manifesto of ours, either by lack of funds, 
either because they were stopped at the post. Heads of nests in the village that will make 
them what they could: a small hand-written show and will fight by word of mouth 

f) It is also possible that no candidate of ours can not enter to that village. Heads of nests, 
too, from time to prepare the world for such a case, not to become discouraged. 

g) To seek to take part in all meetings of political opponents in order to hear what is 
spoken there, and after leaving the village people can understand. 

POINT 47. What will be the day of elections. 

a) All heads of nests in a village, with all their people, young and old, gather together and 
go to the polling station building with the flag and made the sign board and painted black. 

b) They will seek to have beforehand a good tactic set, so whoever you to prevent them 
from voting, be rejected and forced to settle. 

c) In the event that many will not be enough in common that will be enclosed by other 
people sneak up to the station. And if they see that persecution is great, then all put their 
mark in the chest and the government will say that they have passed the government will 
go to vote, and in the booth, where only God sees them, will vote with the Legion. 

During this struggle, heads the nest will be the fullest possible harmony and discipline, 
obeying orders from either the center or the county or the Legion garrison or higher nests. 

Before leaving the voting at the last meeting of the nest, all heads of nests with 
Legionnaires will pray that before any battle. 


In what direction should be a spiritual leader of his people litter education. 

POINT 48. How is a Legionnaire. 

When a Legionnaire is submitted to a superior officer or the head of the Legion, it stops 
at a distance of three steps in the upright position, welcomes leading to heart and then 
raising his right hand to heaven and say it: I Legionnaire ... the nest .... 

POINT 49. What should be in word and in writing a Legionnaire. 

Legionnaire and in writing and speaking should be short, clear and precise. Chatter 
chatter democracy is long and confusing. 

POINT 50. Legionnaire's clothing. 

Legionnaire will be modestly dressed. He will not put price on luxurious clothes and 
bright anybody. He will despise the luxury considers it based on a spiritual inclination for 
frivolity, for toadyism, for sacaturism. 

Today luxury man, if a thief is not belonging to one of the many forms of theft, in any 
case is a dull country which slaps endless misery. 

Legionnaire will not weigh a man in coat and will not distinguish between a poor man, 
bad clothes and good clothes. Legionnaire man will weigh what you have under your 
coat, ie his soul. 

I'm torn clothes that hide underneath the gold treasure in my heart! 

POINT 5 1 . Legionnaire and handling public money. 

Legionnaire that money itself and not belonging, which will handle the money 
dishonestly Legion or any man, one who will not give account, as promised, the money 
earned from the sale brochures, newspapers, etc. badges, will be removed forever from 
the Legion of the first case, any case would handle it. 

In this organization, not only to grow than honest. 

A small theft can not leave you no matter that ultimately it can only be great thieves seed, 
seed that is developing because of our tolerance, could crucify again by robbing the 
Romanian people and the country. 

POINT 52. Sense of dignity 

We've had a lack of human dignity. If you do not tip, unless you pay, do not you join the 
party. If you do not pay, do not drop papers from the municipality. 

If you do not tip, you can not you get right. Tipping, bribery and embezzlement have 
abolished the Romanian nation's moral health. 

Legionnaire will seek to abolish these manners and to revive the sense of human dignity. 
He will not give anyone anything, promise anything to anybody, and when you do 
someone a service, will not stoop to receive tips or bribes but will seize the throat briber. 

POINT 53. School creative act. 

Legionnaire must be a man of action. Through his work, through his work, he will build 
from scratch the new Romania. 

POINT 54. Prayer as a decisive element of victory. Recourse to the ancestors. 

Legionnaire believes in God and prays for victory Legion. 

Let us not forget that we, the Romanian people, sit here on this earth by God's will and 
blessing of the Christian Church. Around the altars of churches, was gathered by 
thousands of times in times of bejenie and tribulation, the entire Romanian on this earth, 
women, children and elderly, with perfect consciousness of the last possible refuge. And 
today we stand ready to gather, the Romanian people around the altars, as in times of 
great danger, because kneeling, we might receive God's blessing. 

Wars are won by those who were able to draw from the air of heaven, unseen world of 
mysterious forces and competition to provide these forces. Mysterious forces they are 
dead souls, the souls of our ancestors who were also once linked to land did for our 
furrows, who died defending this land and are now tied to it by remembering their living 

here and we children, grandchildren and their grandchildren. But most of the souls of the 
dead is God. 

Once these forces attracted, they come to your balance, protect you, give you courage, 
will and all the necessary elements to make your victory and defeat. Enter panic and 
terror in the enemies, it paralyzes activity. In the last analysis, victories are not dependent 
on material preparation, the material forces of the belligerents, but their power to ensure 
competition and spiritual powers. This is explained in our history, miraculous victories of 
power completely materially lower. 

How to ensure competition of these forces? 

1) By your action justice and morality; 

2) The call often strongly to them. Call them, attract them with the power of your soul 
and they will come. 

The power of attraction is greater, the higher call, prayer, is shared by as many. 

Therefore, nest meetings that are held across the country Saturday evening, will be 
prayers and will urge all Legionnaires the next day, Sunday, to attend church. 

Our patron is Saint Michael the Archangel. Icon's deserves to have in our homes, and in 
bad times to ask his help and He will never leave us. 

POINT 55. Suffering School 

The coming into this fight, you must know before that will be affected. After suffering 
always comes victory. Who will know how to suffer, he will win. 

Therefore, we will get Legionnaires suffering gladly. Each suffering is a step toward 
salvation, to victory. 

A grief he will not discourage Legion, but it will harden, it will harden the soul. Those 
who have suffered and will suffer yet, real heroes of the fight will be Legion. Homeland 
blessing will extend to them and their families. 


What course has come a Legionary Legionary in his life 

Guard Life is beautiful. But the wealth is not beautiful, by the parties and luxurious life, 
but the crowd is nice dangers offered legionnaire, beautiful by all the noble sentiments 
linking Legionnaires across the country in fighting a holy brotherhood, beautiful uplifting 
by male attitude towards suffering. 

When someone enters the Legion organization needs to know beforehand that he 
expected life, the way that it will pass. 

The road will pass through the mountain of suffering, then through the forest with wild 
beasts and swamp of despair. 

POINT 56. Mount suffering. 

When a man joined Legion, with the longing for homeland in his heart, do not expect 
large table, but he should receive on his shoulders the yoke of our Saviour Jesus Christ: 
"Take my yoke upon you." 

And the path begins to climb a mountain Legionary the world has called "the mountain of 

At first it seems easy to climb. Later, climbing becomes more difficult, more suffering. 
The first beads of sweat begin to drip from the top of the Legionaries. 

Then, an unclean spirit, slipped in among Legionnaires who climb, throw to first 
question: "Would not it be better to go back? Path Guard I got hard and begin the long 
and high mountain is no longer see the end. " Legionnaire But do not listen, go ahead and 
climb hard. For some time, always going up hill forever, begins to tire, it seems that the 
powers are starting to leave. 

Lucky for him that meets a spring, clear as the heart of a friend. It cools, wash the eye 
and then take it up the hill again suffering. 

Passes half and from there begins the mountain with no water, no grass, no shade, only 
stone and rock. 

And he sees Legionnaire, says much I've racked up here, God help me to get up there. 
But the evil spirit in zvarle question: "Is not it better to go back? Let your home away 
your craving. Do not see what to shoot if you love your country and the King, the People 
and the Earth? And then you earn here? It's better to keep quiet at home? " 

On bare rock, he always gets endless faith. Now it's tired. Baths. Jule§te their hands and 
knees for the first time he sees his blood flowing. It stands as a brave and start again. He 
has less. But rock has become straight and angular, his blood flowing from his chest and 
rock crawling on relentless. "Would not it be better to go back?" unclean voice is heard 
again. It seems that the thought remains. But suddenly she heard a voice shouting from 
the depths of thousands of centuries: "Before the children! Do not leave! " 

One last effort, and forehead above the crest reaches victorious warrior on the 
mountaintop suffering, and Romanian Christian soul, full of happiness and joy. 

"Blessed shall you be when you chase all of you and say bad words against you." 

"And they went rejoicing that they were able to be beaten for the name of Jesus." 

Many Legionnaires receive climbing this mountain of grief. It would be a whole book to 
write their suffering. 

POINT 57. Forest with wild beasts. 

But imagine not wanting to become a Legionnaire at that tests are over here in the 
mountaintop suffering, and it is good that everyone knows from the start what it expects 
to know the way that it grabs. 

Second test: Guard not take long and the path enters a forest that the world said "the 
forest with wild beasts." 

From the forest to hear the cries of those wild beasts who are just waiting to get someone 
there to tear. 

After suffering mountain, this is the second test that must pass Legionnaires. Who is 
fearful still there at the edge of the forest. Who is brave heart, come in, fight bravely and 
faced thousands of dangers about which they could write and write an entire book later. 
In this fight, not run away from danger legionnaire, not hiding behind trees. On the 
contrary, it is where the danger is greater. After he crossed the forest and went well, 
another test awaits him. 

POINT 58. Swamp despair. 

The path is lost and they must go through a swamp. This is called "swamp of despair" 
because the one who falls in it, so as to reach the other end, grabbed his despair. Some do 
not have the courage to join, begin to doubt of victory, that is too far, will not amount to 
victory. So many who have traveled through the forest and climbed the mountain beasts 
suffering, drowning in this swamp of despair. Others come and return, while others are 
drowned there. But do not lose hope of real legionnaires, they cross and this latest 
attempt to shore and get covered with glory. 

POINT 59. 

There at the end of three tough road test, then begin work the sweet, blessed the work of 
the foundation for the erection of the new Romania. 

POINT 60. 

Only one who has passed the three exams, over mountain suffering through the forest 
with wild beasts, and the quagmire of despair and managed, it is true Legionnaire. 

Who has not gone through all this, it's not called the Iron Guard, although it is included in 
the organization has the badge and pay dues. Who had the ability to bypass them, forever 
and 3-4 years of life and knew Guard examination gave no pain, no examination and no 
examination of manhood faith can be a clever man, but it can be a Legionnaire. 

Head Guard, when a person like Legionnaire not take any age, even after the popularity, 
ie how many people have about him, even after skill, but after these three tests: 

POINT 61. 1) Legion is against those who are struggling, is kneaded to get wins without 
risk and without sacrifice - because they are small people - and eventual victories are 
fleeting as the foam of the sea: where there's risk, not glory. 

POINT 62. 2) Legion is against those who, after victories, looking to climb as high as the 
risks and sacrifices of others. 

POINT 63. 3) Legion is against those who, though struggling, are driven by a lower cell 
soul lust for gain, passivity, a benefit, creating a situation. 

They win the victory, they begin to eat. Higher soul finds great satisfaction in the 
pleasure of fighting and sacrifice. 


POINT 64. Legionnaire and politician. 

Legionnaire and politician - man party - stand face to face. 

Romania man party disbanded. Before him sat with his chest, legionnaire. 

When man party, politician, peasant or citizen, entered the party, the first question he put 
it, was what I earn here? What benefit will shoot? Therefore, politicians win and the 
country is collapsing. 

Legionnaire when he joined the Legion, said: "For me, I do not want anything", but 
wondered: "What can I give, what can I sacrifice for my country." 

Legionnaire says a thousand years have suffered and died ancestors think of this country. 
A thousand years I've been waiting for and dreamed. Today, when God gave us a whole, 
instead of falling on his knees before her and worship as an icon, we steal a rip off. 

In front of her, the legionnaire is presented not civil rights, but the sacred debt. 

Politician's goal is to build a fortune, ours is to build our homeland and strong flowering. 
For her work, and we will build. For each Romanian she'll make a hero, ready to fight, 
ready to sacrifice, ready to die. (See "Iron Guard") 

"For the hearts of the evil to come fully clean the house of God too, stretch my sword 
without mercy." 

Archangel Michael 

"Who knows how to die, there will never be a slave. 

POINT 65. Legionnaire and communist 

The legionnaire is against communism and fight with all your might, because wherever 
you find this communist Tncuibat be exposed and slain. 

The triumph of the communist movement in Romania would mean: the abolition of 
monarchy, abolition of the Church, the abolition of Family, the abolition of individual 
property and the abolition of freedom. 

It means, in a word, our dispossession from what forms the moral patrimony of mankind 
and at the same time, the dispossession of any material assets in favor of the profiteers in 
the shadow of communism, which are Jews. 

It is the communist movement gathered all our enemies, who have seen with good eyes 
can not see Greater Romania. (See "Iron Guard") 

POINT 66. Legionnaire and Jew 

Jewish problem, visible only in the north of Romania, invisible, but existing in the other 
half for the Romanian nation is the greatest danger it has known it since the beginning of 
history until today. 

The legionnaire is only able to solve this problem, which the courage and diligence, 
which will resolve with resolution and other matters of state, which today make the same 
necessity. (See "Guard.") 


What does a Legionnaire 

POINT 67. That the state ideology based on the ancient ruins of the French Revolution. 
The world is no question of a new state. He can be very good and very bad. How will it 
be? As we will do it. 

POINT 68. The new state but can not be based solely on theoretical concepts of 
constitutional law. 

The new state requires as a first and essential work, a new type of man. A new state with 
old people unfortunately can not conceive. 

The state is a simple garment that takes the body of the nation. We can make a new coat, 
luxury, expensive, but it will be useless if she will wear a body worn out, destroyed by 
gangrene moral and physical. 

POINT 69. The new man, or a great nation requires renewed spiritual renewal, an entire 
people's great revolution of mind, ie a contradiction spiritual direction today, and a 
forceful offensive against this line. 

POINT 70. In this new man will have to rise all the virtues of the human soul. All the 
qualities of our race. In this new man will be killed all the flaws and all tendencies to evil. 

In this type of hero, warrior hero in effect, that can by fighting to assert their power, a 
hero in the social sense: unable to exploit labor victory after another, the hero of the 
work: the giant man-made for his country, must to be focused all better able to gather 
thousands of years during the Romanian people. 

We expect this man, this hero, this giant. 

He will be based on the new state, Romania tomorrow. 

Legion, before being a political movement, theoretical, financial, economic, etc.. formula, 
is a spiritual school where if you get a man at the other end will be a hero to emerge. 

POINT 71. This great renewal of the Romanian nation is likely to come? 

Next. An all feel. After a long night for centuries, today between the same borders, the 
Romanian people, waiting for the sunrise, waiting for the clock's resurrection as a nation. 

Is it possible that millennial struggles to stop at a mere matter of form: a state union of all 

Do not you feel the seething depths as great revival of the Romanian people? 

POINT 72. In this resurrection will be a tremendous part in Youth. On her name she 
intended to play on the stage of history. Old people do not understand us? We understand 
the sacred call of destiny that only we can hear it, but we understand it, because it is 
addressed only to us. 

POINT 73. Laws, states of siege, bayonets, to stop the destiny of a nation did not exist, 
and there will not exist. 

POINT 74. This great resurrection, by itself, create a new offensive to people in all areas. 
The offensive helped and supported by law, will restore the rights of the Romanian who 
was stripped of his year by year, in a thousand years by injustice and violence. 

Paragraph 74 bis. Receiving the Head Guard. 

In any locality, head of the Legion will always be received and accompanied by line Take 
wounded Legionnaires Legionnaires who have suffered persecution in the second line 
fighters Legionnaires in line III, Friends of the Legion of IV line . 

Various commanders will arrange legionaries legionary world always in the order above. 

PART XII - the 

Circular F. 

POINT 75. Legionnaires parliamentary regime. 

Senate and Assembly of Heads of political Guard units, fixed on the day of January 5, 
1933 in Focsani, the parliamentary regime Guard. This regime was applied and Head of 
the Legion, in his first parliament and was applied to the four lawmakers. 

I. Per diems 

1) are MPs because MPs Legion and the sacrificial material and moral efforts to persuade 
him of all the Legionnaires in the country. 

2) Parliamentary daily allowance does not belong. It belongs to the Legion, she will give 
each MP is necessary for a modest existence. 

Because it is not right for lawmakers to create a better financial situation, while all his 
comrades take a life increasingly difficult. What picture would be morally despicable, if 
some of us have to cram all sorts of goodies, clothes and shoes, we wear or wife in 
luxury, while others of us, wounded after the battle, would live a life of heartbreaking 

3) cash expenditures made do not come back, as he is not returning any person who has 
suffered health for the Legion, no man who died for her. 

They are not required sacrifices and sacrifice back. 

Dogma Guard tells us the amount of sacrifices made, determines the victory. Our glory is 
the glory of sacrifice we make. 

4) There is a goal, a goal which is to be parliament: we must go forward to victory. As 
parliamentarians, we can not prepare to win. Therefore, funds from the Legion of 
daylight will provide the organization with everything he deserves for fighting, 
newspapers, brochures, etc. cars. 

In 1933, lawmakers had 10,000 lei per month the first two months, then 8,000 lei. 

5) the management concept of the State Guard. It will not be able to live with this 
amount, alone, can live together with other lawmakers, the Guard barracks. 

That will be the next parliament Legion. Leaders must lead the country in days of misery. 

You can not slap a salary of 30,000 lei per month luxury, endless misery of the country. 

In today's attitude of parliamentarians legionnaires preparing tomorrow and prove that it 
can be as one we ask. 

II. Legionnaire Parliament no longer belongs 

He will be at any time of day and night at the Legion. It is not possible to choose 
parliamentary and then leave to look for business, or be forever occupied with various 
other issues. 

While I was given parliamentary weapon in hand, to shoot her. If they can not shoot, not 
take, and if I took it and I can not use the most useful for the Legion, then immediately 
give to someone who can use better. 

A parliamentarian shall: 

1) to speak in Parliament; 

2) can move for conferences, organizing meetings, whenever he asked the head of the 

Who loves the Legion, to think well at this point, when asked to hand weapon of 
parliamentary functions and use the victory to honor the Legion. 

Candidates Doubling No. 1 . 

The Assembly also set, as proposed Head Guard, doubling the candidates, ie: if 
successful a list, will enter parliament heads the list for three months, after which he will 
resign and will take place No. 2 . from the list. No. 2 will be fixed by the Centre and 
especially the intellectual classes of our Organization. An exception to this law counties 

comprising the absolute majority. If a county is the absolute majority, lawmakers remain 
always succeed, do not change. 


a) A legionary satisfaction and encouragement to the county chief that works. 

b) the urgent need for organizations to be sent to Parliament the parliamentary fight seven 

c) Create and prepare a larger number of Guard personnel. 

d) The possibility that a lawmaker, in a short activity, but intense, and worship to all the 
work of the Legion, without jeopardizing their family's situation occupations. 

County heads, driven only by the desire of the Legion of total victory will explain the law 
and the candidates will take a written statement, in that they became aware of the 
"Circular F" and means to comply with its provisions. 

Lawmakers legionnaires are in Bucharest, Str. Printing House No. 3. 

Head Guard, Corneliu Codreanu 

POINT 76. What is the committee of 1000. 

To set up a Committee of 1000. Each member is obliged to give every 25 lei per month, 
or after his will, 50 lei for one year. The amount is to be used to pay rates on printing and 
to equip the organization with what he deserves. Today this Committee is disbanded. His 
role is played by "Friends of Legionnaires', having the following committee: Dr. 
Cornelius Sumuleanu ProfessorUniv. Iasi, Str. Saulescu, Prof, Priest Sunday Ionescu 
Bucharest, Str. Prince Leon 4, Ms. Zoe I Sturza Bucharest, Str. Crejulescu, 8, Mrs. Mary 
Beiu Palade Bucharest, Av. Muntenescu 11, tel. 4.33.26.; Dr. Eugene Chirnoaga , 
Bucharest Polytechnic School Professor, Stephen Alley Arch Burcus 12 (Road), Dr. Ing 
Eugen Ionica Bucharest, Freemasons 7 phone.4.77.52, Gregory T. Coanda Str. 
Bolintineanu 5, tel. 4.33.03. Everyone likes and wants the Legion to help her become a 
member of the association, asking for information at the address above. 

POINT 77. Central Cashier Guard is within the General Organization Cantacuzino Str. 
Gutenberg 3, Bucharest. For any questions, send money to this address. 

POINT 78. "Freedom," folk sheet. Spiritual director John I. Mota .The road belongs to 
the family's heir John I. Mota. Annual subscription MDL 120, half, Lei 60, fourth, lei 30. 
Address administration (for subscriptions, complaints), Bucharest, Calea Victoriei No. 
63. Editor's Address (for articles): Priest Ion Mota, Drastic, Jud. Hunedoara. 

79 POINT agents provocateurs 

I go to various spy organizations. Some, agents from the police. Call them in to show 
them that you have nothing secret. 

But if one is caught Legionnaires one that will sell for money and will become a traitor to 
the Legion, will be punished today, tomorrow, a year or more than two. 

The biggest disgrace of our Organization is to find spies in our midst. 

There are others who pose as Legionnaires and walk in from different organizations to 
steal, to request, or to collect money. Some of them fail to have in hand a letter or 
membership card. Examine it well. Give the hands of police. 

The last time I learn that a police officer in May, not knowing what information to give 
the Legion, informed security that the Guard will shoot several prefects. 

Another has concocted a secret code that were passed in the capital institutions. 

We do not need the lock. This is an infamous invention. To invite all political. What can 
be said, say in the face, say loudly. 

If you hear such infamies or will read papers written by the Jewish (as were two years 
ago published "The Truth", "Morning" and "fight" to know the first time that they are all 
sly machinations to which we go to court. 

POINT 80. Minutes (minutes in still uses today), a model for the formation of a nest. 




The undersigned, residents of the village , County , convinced of the danger 

threatening the existence of our country, we tie together by an oath to fight for the 
triumph of the Legion. 

We've been in a nest of Legionnaires whom I gave the name Nest 

The number of members of the nest is (Maximum 13) 

Head nest: 




We covenant before God and man to keep us closely unite around our heads, just listen 
and execute orders, to make it penetrate deeper into the nation's new spirit of labor, 
honesty, sacrifice and justice of in a word, we intend to make those legionnaires with 
which we come into contact. 

We believe in Allah and the victory of the Legion, we believe in a new Romania that we 
want to conquer the path of Christ Church of integral nationalism and working in the 
country's laws. 

1 . We started, 

2. We hold meetings every week. 

3. We subscribe to the magazine "ancestral lands", which will read a nest meetings. 

4. We will strengthen our faith Guard. 

5. We will unite as brothers and we will not allow any division among us. 

6. We will immediately start making new nests in our village and neighboring ones. 

7. All these holy faith that many times through hardship and suffering we go, we win. 

8. Romania as a whole will become Legion. 
Long live the Legion! 

Long live the Captain! 


Gemstones heart in us 

The trouble and needs 

Eyes crying in the distance look 

And expect mercy. 

Our mountains golden gate 
November begging from door to door 
Hoi da's our golden 
November perish in debt. 

Woe to us and again we 
Crabwise give back 
Poverty seeks us, 
And the days we cook. 

That we all have a name 
We all have a fate-in the world. 
For country and justice, 
In a heart beat all of us. 

Let us wake Romanian 
And not to suffer. 
That those who hate us 
No human soul. 

Come down to the valley 
Let's stop-n by Enemy. 
From the pane, the salt 
And give him abroad. 

Let's put sentinels 
And under the sun and call out 
And then I ascunsuri 
Thieves-in cellar, booty-back. 

Let those who do treason, 
Robberies in administration 
The highwaymen and thieves 
Let's get to the gallows. 

Where's a power us and 

The needs and pain 

Where are the growing number of power 

And an enemy gets hurt. 

VALERIU Dugan, peasants in Northern 

Follow subscription members (maximum 13) 


- Never do a deed that you should be ashamed the next day, and when you did something, 
you assume full responsibility. 

- When you are faced with an obstacle, you jump it, do not let yourself. Do not be 
defeated. Do not get discouraged. Try the two-time, 3rd time ever. There can not. 
Legionnaire can. 

- If politics is a politician for business, for Legionnaire politics is religion. 

- Do not say "I desire to serve the Legion, because I do not like such officer is not good." 
The Legion is no head for life. Today is one, tomorrow another, day after tomorrow will 
be you, if your labor and unwavering faith and your ability you deserve to be, and one 
fine day he will find the best. 

- Do not forget that what we can lose ourselves legionnaires, is incomprehension and 
division in each nest, or between different nests. 

- Remember that moment that a Legionnaire Legionnaire head dress clothes, everyone 
else must listen. 

Elements are in different villages that have done much for the Legion through work, 
sacrifice and devotion their souls elite who came to prominence in the struggle over 
Guard, showing the devotion, courage, dedication, discipline and unwavering faith. They 
can leave the village organizations, to be known as "Legion Head Counselors. To this 
end, the day of victory churches, they will be moved to the country's capital, their 
families and all. 

In this great struggle Guard, will leave one nine Romanian aristocracy. In her career will 
not base any money, no wealth, no clothes, but on spiritual qualities, in virtue, will be an 
aristocracy of virtue. 

Aristocracy out of the business from fraud or the sale of the country will fall. If gold is 
clarifies the fire, fire fighting elite Guard will clarify the true moral Romanian nation. 

- If you are a man of sin and the soul called for straightening, baptized now, straighten 
up. But you better fit and keep you on the line II. 

Our movement will triumph. Do not think somehow that you could live under the Legion 
of business, bribery, tampering. 

One Desire 


1) When you go on the road, I poured water, oil, gasoline and bolts investigated, 

2) Do not chase me too much because I'll kill you too fast and could not serve the Legion. 

3) On the way from time to time, more stops and searches my wheels, steering, engine. 

4) After a road, take care of me too, I always wash, anoint me. 

5) The Band, I do not charge more than power, walk with mercy, because I wear you to 

Your Truck 

POINT 81. 

This little book is on sale at the Centre Heads or county organizations. 


1 . Legionnaire not enter into polemics with anyone. 

2. Legionnaire despises politics and not talking to her. 

3. Legionnaire clean like good seed in people's souls. 

4. Legionnaire wonder in every moment: "What did I do good for Romania Guard?" 

5. Legionnaire's mean score for tomorrow sinners. 

6. Legionnaire think of starting any work and I thank God to reach the goal. 

7. The legionnaire is disciplined by his own will and conscience. 

8. Legionnaire not have fear only God, sin and the moment when physical or spiritual 
powers will disable it. 

9. Legionnaire loves death, for his blood will serve to shaping the Romanian cement 

(The newspaper GdF. Bessarabia) 

Paragraph 81 bis. THE 3 OF AN IRON GUARD Covenants 

Legionnaire not swear. He made three covenants. 

The first covenant, in front of the head of the nest and comrades. It is a manifestation of 
the desire to become a legionnaire. 

The second covenant is done after 2-3 years of struggle before the head of the county and 
the entire political leadership in group of at least 50, with great solemnity. 

The third covenant is made before the head of the Legion after 4-5 years of struggle. 
Sacu§orului old covenant with the dust, published in the booklet body. 

The First Covenant 

In the middle of the nest, with the right arm stretched canvas and taking small flag in his 
hand tightly. 


1) In front of the nest and your head with your hands on this flag, said it wants to become 
a legionnaire. 

2) I know the three exams you need to give them: the suffering, danger and faith. 

3) I'll be with you and the long hours and heavy watches. So you can count on the heart 
and on my arm. 

4) I will be disciplined by my good will, convinced that the discipline is the fundamental 
law of any organization. 

5) I will refrain from talking in the back of my comrades or criticism received orders and 
regulations have resulted in misunderstandings, hard life, strife. 

6) From the first moment I want to declare: I do not want anything to me, do not seek and 
will not seek to do business on the back of my motion, or to create situations. I stand at 
the post will be assigned as long as my boss thinks may be helpful. 

7) I will not actually do any dishonor to me or move me. 

8) I will always be correct and I will wear with great kindness to all. 

9) I'll be rough times but proud in the face of the enemy. 

10) If I fail, I will be punished with serenity. Legionnaire's wrong I know you pay: 
replies, not running away from responsibility. 

This is my covenant to you and this little flag in front of our nest. 

SECOND Covenant 

Be made to the county police chief, with great solemnity: 


We have come a long way in life Guard. So I know all the duties, all weights. 

For now I feel able to become a legionnaire. 

I tie in front of our head and yours, to fight for the triumph of the Romanian Iron Guard, 
where I think the eye. God give us his blessing. 

Repeat aloud all, the chief county. 

THIRD Covenant 

It remains in front of the old covenant with sacu§orul Head Guard. 


POINT 82. Brief History Legionnaire. 

On June 24, 1927, Friday, the birth of St. John the Baptist, was founded on the initiative 
(Corneliu Codreanu, John I. Mota Garneata Hie , Radu Mironovici , comrades in all 
prisons), "Legion of the Archangel Michael", named after the icon of St. Archangel 
Michael, located on the left door of the church in prison Vacaresji icon I had a protector 
in all prisons in all our struggles, all the clocks in our suffering. 

We were so few and so poor that we have not only been the target of irony arrows to 
others, but we ourselves terrified our poverty. Faith but we lost it for a moment. 

I never had any second of doubt. It seems that God has gathered us on purpose so poor as 
to show that victory did not matter Guard had no role. The first time I had a clear vision 
of final victory and I take full responsibility of driving. Since then I have gone through 
difficulties, many dangers and risks, but this vision of victory not left me any second. 

The first day we followed the current Legionnaires (reading their strong faith in the same 
eye) Hristache Solomon, Al. Ventonic, Niculai However, Ion Banea , Clime Eng, Eng 
Blanaru Victor Silaghi, Jean Bordeianu, Dumitru Ifrim, Andrei Ionescu , Popescu Mile 
Spiru Peceli Gh Potolea, etc.. and the former patronage Gen.Dr. Macridescu. 

On 1 August 1927 is "ancestral lands" in printing "Liberty" on Drastic, with the great 
help of Father John Mota, followed by F. d. young C. Focsani, with Trajan cart and 
Chirulescu and F. d. V.C. Tocu the Danube, then Pamphylia Ciolac mother, father Antohi 
Hesychius, Sebastian Erhan, Danileanu. 

On November 8. (St. Michael the Archangel, the first covenant). Covenant bear the 
following: Corneliu Codreanu, John I. Mota, Elijah Garneata, Corneliu Georgescu , Radu 
Mironovici, Engineer Clime , Hristache Solomon Mile Popescu, John Bane, Victor 
Silaghi Niculai However , Al. Ventonic, D-Tru Ifrim, Pantilimon Statache, Ghita 
Antonescu Stefaniu kiss, Emil Eremeiu Jean Bordeianu, M. Ciobanu, Marius Pop, Misu 
Crisan Popa Butnaru, Budeiu, Tanasachi Stephen Budeci Paul Mihailescu (deserter). 

On February 19, 1928, two months after efforts to persuade him, buy truck named "Deer 
Legion (234,000 lei). In summer, maintenance truck movement and pay rates, work at the 
brickyard (120,000 bricks) and gardening (one hectare) in Cuzist mocked every day. 
Then we trade vegetables from our garden leading to the truck and sell them to 
monasteries: agape, Varatec. Continue silent movement. 

On December 15, 1929, the first political meeting Legion, and then T-Beresti Horincea 
Valley, Jud. Covurlui. Fighters appear in November: Antohi Tanase, Cristian Dumitru, V. 
and N. Bogatu, Chiculita, bagua, Hasan, Bourceanu, then Foltesti, Pralea family. 

On December 25, 1929. Ludos Turda, with Amos Nechita, Victor Moga Colceri, Damian, 
etc.. Amancei Banica. 

On January 27 and February 3, 1930 Cahul large gatherings. Intervenes and Mr. loan 
Codreanu, Stefan Moraru, Santa Casa, Garnet, Trifan Vlahu (dead), etc.. 

Summer 1930. Prohibition march from Bessarabia. Arrest. Payment. 

November 8. 1930. Formation of the Senate Guard. Messrs.. Prof. dr. Traian Braileanu , 
Chernivtsi; Gen.Dr. I. Macridescu, Prof. Ion Codreanu, Partenie Matthew Priest, pastor, 
Bucharest Cristache Solomon Focsani largest landowner, Col. inv Paul Cambureanu; Ion 
Ciocarlan, writer, Al. Zissu, great owner, Bucharest, Spiru Peceli, com invalid, Galati, 
John Butnaru, owner Ia§i Stefaniu kiss, owner. To be complete until the number 100. 

January 1, 1931, arrest of Corneliu Codreanu, Bane, however, Amos. Pay after 77 days of 
arrest by the Court, Court of Appeal, Cassation. 

June 1, 193 1, for the first time participate in elections in 17 counties. We get 34,000 
votes. Fall. 

On 3 1 August, Neamt partial choice. Help Nuju Esanu. Legionnaires beat all parties in 
Romania with 1 1,000 votes. 

On April 27, 1932, election Tutova partial. For the second time, after heavy fighting, but 
glorious, victorious Legionnaires all parties in Romania. 

On July 17, 1932, general election. Legionnaires fight in 36 counties, receiving 79,000 
votes, 4 seats. 

Legionnaires Members of Parliament stand silent measured. Fight for the scope of the 
Organization in the country. 

Legionnaire current increases. 17 sheets possess circulation of 35,000, a printing house, 2 
cars. On the threshold of buying three more. 

Go forward with confidence in these difficult times, the bright destiny of our motherland, 
discover the face of all the sacrifices they have made over a thousand legionaries. 


On the morning of November 8, 1927, we gathered at our headquarters in Iasi, and 
several all Legionnaires who have labored to come from elsewhere. 

Not many, but strong by our unswerving faith in God and His support, strong in our 
determination and stubbornness to stand firm in the middle of all storms, strong by our 
complete dissolution of all that is earthly, which is manifested by the desire , liking the 
way a brave break with the land, because the Romanian people and serving the cause of 
the cross. 

This is the mark of the covenant hour waiting eagerly for cheerful to form the first assault 
wave of the Legion. And anyone can imagine that there may be another note, when 
among us, dressed in white as in the times of plague, were gathered together, Ion I. Mota, 
Elijah Garnea^a, Mironov and Corneliu Radu Georgescu, who raid Prison series, wore on 
their shoulders the whole weight of the national movement for 5 years. 


At 10 I went all in national costume, with hat, with large swastika in his heart, the column 
of marching, the direction of St. Spyridon. There he officiated a memorial prayer for the 
souls Stephen Prince, Prince of Moldavia, Michael the Brave, Ion Mircea Voda, Horia 
Crisan Hen and Avram Iancu, Mr. Tudor, 

King Ferdinand and "in commemoration of all the rulers and soldiers who fell on the 
fields of battle to defend the Romanian land against enemy invasions." 

Submission solemnity of the Covenant. 

In march, hymn singing Legion, we returned to the home. There was tears in her solemn 
covenant of the former legionnaire. 

Ancestral lands 

This began by mixing solemnity peasants brought from the grave He said the Brave in 
Turda, the dust of Moldova, from Razboieni, where Stephen the Great was the hardest 
battle you and all the places where blood was mixed in fierce ancestors sanctifying it with 
the dust of battle. When you open up the package with the dust, before pouring on the 
table, read the letter from the person who brought or sent. 

Peasants in Turda. (Letter). Brothers! We ship to dust you ask me. On the origin, I assure 
you, as I raised it personally on the grave He said the Brave, I brought her and wrapped 

Turda on September 18. 1927. 
Isaac Mocanu, professor at lie. Turda 

FROM TARAN RAZBOIENI (Letter). Corneliu Georgescu undersigned, a lawyer, I was 
personally Razboieni (Judges German) and got down beside the monument erected on the 
battle in which 10,000 soldiers were killed by Stefan eel Mare's. 

November 7. Corneliu Georgescu 1927. 

What history tells about the battle of Razboieni (1476): Stephen raised the battle on a 
church whose inscription says: "In his powerful 7984 Raised Mohammed Turkish 
Emperor with all his power and Prince Basarab, the whole country and Basarabeasca 
have reached what they say here at the White River ... major war where we did with them 
in the month of July 26 and will of God were overcome by pagans and Christians there 
fell a great multitude of soldiers Moldova. " (History of Romanians Floru p. 184 -185). 

He then brought his cast peasants Sarmisegetuza (Letter). Disclaimer: The undersigned 
attest that on October 17. 1927, 1 visited the fort excavations Costesti Sarmisegetuza the 
city and took land here in various parts of the city and especially from one of the rooms 
unearthed and burned during the siege, for which reason clods are red, symbolizing the 
blood shed there in abundance. This fort was commanded by his brother's fall into the 
hands of Decebal and Roman defense system deployed Sarmisegetuza then finally fell, 
moral, unequal treatment hurts more. 

Ion I. Mota, Corneliu Georgescu 

What history tells about his struggle Decebal (History of Romanians Floru p. 38-39): 
"Despair and anger, hatred and cruelly Dacians united with courage, defending the 
motherland and land conqueror not only let him pile of ashes and ruins. On Trajan's 
Column as I see women torturing prisoners Dacian Romans. Some keep them bound hand 
and foot, naked and burned her with lit flares. 

The interpretation of the reliefs on the Column of Trajan, that luck war wavered between 
Dacians and Romans, until the art, science and the number prevailed. 

King (Decebal) crept on some mountain path and scattered bands to add to pursue the 
fight to the end, when most leading his subjects, primary, preferred to die in the capital 

that was not theirs. Gathered around a large bottle of poison, they chose death instead of 
life without freedom. 

And he tries again luck armies until surrounded on all sides and ready to fall with two 
sons in the hands of hunters Romans, is pierced with his sword, leaving a corpse 
winners ..." 

The Calugareni peasants. It was then poured over the dirt Calugareni, where Michael the 
Brave rushed himself astride a white horse among the Turks, with hatchet in hand, 
smashing them and putting them army on the run. Here at Calugareni, was the greatest 
victory of Michael over the Turks. (Letter): "I went by train to Bravu and there with a 
cart about 15 km through the forest, I had great support from the priest Calugareni 
Lawrence, which led me to the battle, the hill as they say.From there I took the dust. " 

Stefan Anastasescu 

October 8. 1927 

Bucharest, str Serban Voda, 43 

HIGH BRIDGE FROM TARAN (Letter) I took this ground near the village Cautaluresti 
(High Bridge) County Vaslui, where was Stephen the Great's battle with the Turks. 

Rotaru sergeant, Reg. 25 Inf. 

What writes history ...Stephen had a great army, like never tightly under Romanian flag, 
to King Charles, 40,000 Moldovans, almost all peasants. Turkish Army was 120,000. The 
battle was County Vaslui. Day of the fight, according to some sources, was January 6. 
1475, Stephen did not specify, but says "next Epiphany." ICA has been the biggest 
victory of Stefan eel Mare. "Yet the battle was not a surprise, no gain without large 
losses, because the Turks have turned against Stephen has lost many Moldovans ... Yes, 
in a moment, the battle seemed lost without supervening time of Stephen, who jumped 
himself in the middle of the Turks and smash them wings by God's great power. " On 
January 25. Stephen writes all princes, it was attacked by 120,000 Turks, aided by 
Basarab, but the Epiphany "I've overcome and I trampled all I went through my sword." 
Stephen was merciless as fate, cut, impaled, rejected the redemption no matter how big, 
what they looked poor in my country, if they are so rich? ...To thank God, with all 
soldiers victorious Stephen fasting three days on bread and water, as in the days legasera 
invasion. Following days of fun then. (History of Romanians Floru p. 181 -182) 

Peasants in Suceava fortress, Hotin and impurity. He then brought the dust from these 
cities and points of glory was shed on the Romanians and white table above the other 
peasants. Once you read this letter from Buda legionnaire who brought the dust with his 
own hand. 

Horia dust on the place where he was pulled on the wheel. He then opened the package 
with the dust of the Alba-Iulia, a teacher sent by Mr. Iordache Popa, with the following 
lines: "This land is watered with the blood of hero Horia. Taken place so-called 
"drumsticks", where the road splits Alba Iulia - Paclisa, on Castle Road-Station. This 
wheel was pulled over by the Hungarians, Horia. 

Iordache Popa, teacher, Com. Drambar, pu Alba Iulia 

Alba-Iulia, October 29. 1927. 

Peasants on the grave of Avram Iancu. He opened the package sent by Peter Popa, 
teacher, com Ribicioara least Baia de Cris, containing 1 kg of soil on the grave of hero 

He opened a second package from the same tomb made by Mr. Ion I. Mota and spilled 
over to other peasants. 

Peasants Roscani the hill from where he died of thirst John the Terrible's army, brought 
by Ms. Ileana Constantinescu, a student. 

He then brought the dust from the fields of honor of the last war: the dust of the Jiu, 
where there were fierce battles. (Letter): I went in Craiova to train Jiu Valley Filiasj from 
there, after all the information you have and what I have been given by the locals, we 
walked up the Jiu about 7 km. to places where they were fighting the Pesteana and 
Tantareni. From there, the corner of my county, where they together Dolj, Gorj and 
Mehedinti, I took the dust from both banks of the Jiu and forest and other places to be 
sure that I have in my bag watered with blood and dust. 

Julius Stanescu, student, com Mara§ani, 

(Judges Dolj) 

Marasesti peasants and Marasti. (Letter). "I send the cart with two bags of white linen 
Razoare land from where they were fighting from August 6. 1917. 

Then a bag of earth from Marasti two points, where two regiments were decimated and 
the 30th Infantry Troops Muscel. 

Hristache Solomon Focsani 

(B-dul Lascar Catargiu, 22). 

CASIN Oituz and peasants. Disclaimer: The undersigned below note, declaring that the 
land taken by Mr. Butnaru, official Iasi, is taken from the following localities: 
Manciugului Valley, Grozesti-Glassware, Magura, Casini, glassware own heroes and the 
Casin cemetery, where they held the fiercest fighting in the war between the German, 
Hungarian and Romanian. I. Butnaru, P. Plopeanu, honest, T. Mocanu, Rajula, I. Gh. 
Buzatu DR Casin, 0§udveanu, Grozesti. 

LA Prunaru peasants, where he cast terrible Romanian cavalry, all perished to a man. 
(Letter). Earth is just a place where he was buried as a hero hit the heart. 

Rev. Theodore N. Iancu, Prunaru, Jud. Vla§ca 

LA Turtucaia peasants, where they fell several thousand Romanian, dust reddening with 
their blood. (Letter) Turtucaia I left immediately and went to the west of the city, where 
we took the land, even from the redoubt which has passed dozens of times by hand. This 
redoubt is now empty and even took the earth is a tomb, where they unearthed the 
remains of several soldiers and where are the bones today. Get land soaked with the 
blood of our people more. 

Snagoveanu Sandu, com Uzumgeorman. 

Dust was added and the parish priest of Turtucaia sent. 

Our hearts have been covered by a deep chill in front of our parents and ancestors 
peasants sleeping on the battlefield with a gun in his hand and face the enemy, the 
soldiers who fell on Decebal Sarmisegetuza up to the ruins yesterday to smash the shells 
Marasesti and Turtucaia. 

When two Legionnaires were then approached and began to mingle with the holy dust 
while the other, always welcoming with outstretched arm, singing the anthem heart of all 
the powers of the Legion. 

Romanian Arise to battle, beating time 

The latter for the Romanian people, etc.. 

The moment was so inspiring and so touching that none of us could not control his tears 
in the corner of my eye: it was the song our own cry of pain, of the Romanian nation 

today, headed to the ancestors and the mighty 2,000 years have lived in these places. He 
was very brave call. 


With such mixed dust were filled with several small bags, giving each of them, after 
making the covenant, to wear around his neck. 

Ion Mota took Corneliu Codreanu covenant, then it sacu§orul entrusted with dust. 
Corneliu Codreanu Then he took the covenant of Ion Mota and others. 

This agreement consisted of five questions and answers, namely: 

1. 1 for justice laws as endangered homeland to defeat all your personal desires and 

- Answer: Yes! 

2. Recognizing that Jews rule over us brings spiritual ruin and national laws you our 
brother to fight for the defense and liberation cleaning ancestral land? 

- Answer: Yes! 

3. In this fight you will be subject Archangel Legion? 

- Answer: Yes! 

4. You will carry this dust in reverence to your chest? 

- Answer: Yes! 

5. And you left us? 

- Answer: I will not leave! 

After each individual went and answered the questions, get sacu§orul leather bound with 
silk cord. 

Solemnity started at 1 o'clock. 30. Afternoon at 3 o'clock Meeting began. It was chaired 
by the eldest of Legionnaires present, Mr. Solomon Cristache from Focsani. 

Meeting held up at 6.30 after which he read out the following statement: 

1 . Legion argues that stands above personal interests with the needs of her homeland. 

2. The foreign ministry violated the Homeland Earth all Romanian children have to run 
with their soul and arm. 

3. Legion goes to everyone who feels under the banner calling him a soldier in defense of 
her ancestral land. 

4. Romania Romanians. For Jews, Palestine. Roman law and the traitor dead. 
Heart soldier live in us! 

Live, flourish Romania New! 

Thus ended day of St. Archangel Michael and Gabriel. May our hearts as each one 
bearing the holy dust of the earth ancestral talisman to brave out of her blood and pour it 
into our veins. 

Minor programmatic literature 

Summary Legion program is published in another book, give here some general 

POINT 84. First Legion program point. 

If you asked someone to tell that oath FOR punished. 

A day after defeating Guard will be "EXCEPTIONAL COURT", which will be called 
before him and judge for treason: 

a) In all robbers of public money; 

b) To all those who received bribes facilitating business 

c) To all those breaking the fundamental laws of the country that persecuted, closed, hit 
the Legionaries or their families. Any operation would have the policeman to the 
minister, no one will escape this trial. 

Most have imagined that these men is their possession Romanian Country, that laws were 
made for them to step up and that we are hired on this estate, which to beat us back with a 

Romanian nation, aware of her rights to start a new life by punishing LEGAL WORK. 

This watch is wait and endure. 

Without this moment of punishment, there can be no recovery in this country. 

Heads of nests will be very detailed and accurate reports on all the sins committed them 
Tnaintandu Head Guard. 

POINT 85. SPEECH BY THE MESSAGE, head of the Legion in Parliament held by the 
Country. After Mon. Oh. the 3 December 1931. 

Mr DEPUTY-Corneliu Z. Codreanu has the word: 

Mr. President, Members gentlemen, I am the youngest of you and I represent a youthful 
movement. I stood here by my own power, without the help and support anyone. I think 
the current leaders of the Greater Romania will bother to listen to me and me as one who 
is representative of the younger generation, Generation troubled, spoken of as generation, 
generation martyred, I would say crucified. I think it is better than honored to have little 
room to hear our good will and since we think it best that leaders today know that it is 
striving, which are opinions, which is the political orientation of generation, which, with 
or without the your will, you must follow these banks tomorrow. 

In any case, I would say at the outset that we are not a generation as we know you from a 
certain release. We do not pursue only to defend our sacred homeland, homeland 
threatened by storm blizzard, warm nest homeland of our fathers and those who come 
after us. And to fix the compass, in short, I say there is no generation of immoral, there is 
no one without God, nor a Republican or antiroyalist. Fix these points in God, Fatherland, 
King, Family, Property and Army, which guarantees the existence of the Romanian state. 

DVG Ispir: For this you can be with us. 

D. Corneliu Codreanu: Gentlemen Members of this generation our generation to pass as 
an anti-Semitic. I would like to know that I came to cry down the Jews, as I think anyone 
has done. But one thing I noticed, that whenever you put the question of Romanian 
nationalism, you've received with laughter and have transformed it from a problem that is 
an unparalleled tragedy in a humorous matter. 

DVG Ispir: At least for this part of the Chamber, this is not exact. 

Corneliu Z. Codreanu D-: I gentlemen, I have to put this issue in a few lines because they 
are the head of a small group and I must develop my viewpoints. 

I was in Maramures, Maramures descalecatorilor is our cradle, the Moldovans - 
Maramures are the ancestors of Stefan eel Mare, Prince of Moldavia. And there, at a 

process that we had in Satu-Mare and who assisted Mr. Professor Catuneanu , came an 
old man with white hair and was testimony to the courts for what I'm telling you now: 
"We, Maramures, we boyar wine and we had our lands and our mountains. By 1847 we 
were masters. In 1848, when I was a kid, the first Jews arrived in our village. " 

And another thing here. I do not use the word Jew as an insult to someone. I tell them 
Jews, for so I think they are called and otherwise - 1 find it curious - is the only nation 
who escapes her own name, the name he has. 

For me, this population, the land of my country - and please believe me everyone - when 
I have a conscience attack and that the firm that seeks place on our own territory for me, 
please believe me, it opened a mortal fight and do not burn my jokes or insult anyone. 
For me it is clear and precise: intelligent or unintelligent, or parasitic neparazitara, moral 
or immoral, this population is a population hostile to the country here on earth. And I 
intend to fight against it with all the means that I will provide mind, and my Romanian 

Well, gentlemen. And one old man told me: "Here, in 1848, came the first Jews, that our 
parents saw him torn and hungry, have mercy left to stand at the edge of our estates. 
Today, in 1930, we lost 60 of the 62 mountains. We, Romanians, we have only two 
mountains, the mountains and the remaining 60 are in the possession of Jews. Today, we 
have withdrawn and the poor and without bread sit on the edge of their estates. " 

Well this situation lies in Maramures and Bucovina, this situation lies in Moldova where 
our churches are closing, which is crumbling altars. And I ask you, all what comes out of 
a nation that is crumbling altars? 

Our trade knees. Here, in ancient Barlad in Barlad that export goods to Poland under 
Stephen the Great, and export from White City to Constantinople and Alexandria, left us 
one Romanian Commercial manufacturing. 

Well gentlemen., One can not neglect this problem and no one can say that it is not 
dominant policy issue of modern Romania. With us is committed exactly the same thing 
that made the North American Red skins. We find ourselves before a foreign invasion 
and we have every right and duty to defend our homeland. I'm not care who comes in and 
is - 1 find it curious that when enemies came with a gun to steal our land, we are all 
transfixed in the trenches, gun in hand, and today they changed the money and gun when 
they are ready with their money to buy our country, then there is no one to us to protest? 

Here are gentlemen, how to ask this question. 

You know very well that the North American Red skins have gradually disappeared 
before the Anglo-Saxon invasion. Today he regrets all over Europe and I regret that they 
were good people, but says: "what to do, others have been stronger! " 

Gentlemen, I think with horror that at some point, Europe will have to cry and we 
ourselves and our posterity. 

And in terms of our troubled Youth, which as I said was crucified for this idea, because I 
come here after two years of unjust imprisonment, well, I tell you gentlemen, what do 
you want your young that all drivers have been hit so far? Want to get our day in a bag on 
a stick and go to another country, in other countries, to earn our bread and find a haven of 
free national life? We do not ask too much. Do not ask only one thing: leave us here on 
this earth, under the blessing of the bones of our fathers. 

Gentlemen, I am sorry that this response message is not seen nothing for us, not even a 
glimmer of hope and no concern of the leaders of this country on the question above. 

Gentlemen, I'll pass on this issue and come back to another issue of great importance: the 
problem of poverty. I made this box a few pieces of bread and who are in the mountains 
of Maramures Neamt county to see what bread to eat Romanian Maramures and our 
Munteanul. Today, when people complain of overproduction of wheat, all assigned to the 
crisis that wheat is sold with a lion kg., This is what these people eat bread! 

(D. MP-Corneliu Z. Codreanu Assembly presents a piece of bread.) 

We need to gather the heart of pain and I think any people in Europe saw this picture of 
misery in which the Romanian nation should live our pity. I put these pieces of bread, 
wrapped and placed in the box on purpose, to see how the veneer of artificiality and how 
this mess dress Romanian civilization. I'll reluctantly make ministerial bench and Honor 
would ask the government to have it available for anyone to make jokes behind the 
burning of the Romanian people, first of all to see what he eats. 

Gentlemen, in the face of this misery, which encompasses the entire country, we have to 
wonder: what is the government's defense system against this ever-increasing march of 

Gentlemen MPs, to me is clear, the government comes up with two theories: 

1 . Sentimental theory of sacrifice, and 

2. The economic theory of conversion. 

In the theory of sacrifice and I am and I'm one of those who admit, but I'll say here an 
immutable principle: neither you nor anyone else has the right to appeal to the poor man's 
money will not be honored until brought back into state coffers at the end of the thieves 
who stole money fleeced this country. 

In the other theory, theory of conversion, are for her. But this is not a drug. The drug is 
one that kills the disease, ie the microbe. 

Conversion is a breath of fresh air that the government manages Honor moribund 

Conversion project are and I will vote, but we say wait to see other solution and the 
solutions they choose Absolute heaven is fucking times today. 

Gentlemen MPs, the third point on which I will say a few words, is the issue of parties 
and the issue of democracy. 

Gentlemen MPs, almost all the main subject of discussion in this response message was: 
we are against the abolition of party or parties to end? 

In this respect, I tell you my point of view! Who is to decide nedesfiin^area dissolution or 
parties? You can dissolve them or to set up? No! The one who has to decide is the 
people's land hungry and naked. At that time you will have to decide, people will see 
whether or not to be abolished. In any case we say that people do not love the political 
parties. This is precisely and you, in a democracy, you can not keep the state leadership 
against the will of the people. It is again clear. 

There is still an issue. Said one: the parties are not born from an impromptu, they are the 
result of evolution. Yes, and I am for this theory and I apply the law of parties evolution. 
Parties and all things in this world are born, grow and die. I think that parties are not 
superior form of perfectiei that have earned the right to immortality. 

There is an issue of external nature. You see very well that the entire public opinion in 
Europe is going to extremes such as two millstones, they grind slowly all parties. 

Gentlemen Members look to Europe. There are two powerful extremes: extreme right and 
extreme left, which is hardened at a time one of them will win. Well, I ask you, especially 
when all your time you've gone to the Europe and trembled at the first puff of wind: a 
Europe where one of extremes defeat, you'll be able to to resist the current that Europe? 

With regard to our guidance, if the question to choose between these two extremes, we 
are those who believe that the sun rises not in Moscow but in Rome. 

We believe that our parents, our ancestors, who brought us on this earth, their bones, at 
least from me in one thousand years, we send good advice, one good idea in our watches 
and painful. 

In fact, gentlemen, the party: our generation - the outsiders - Notes: 

1) That a political party is a limited liability company operating universal suffrage; 

2) That all parties are democratic, universal suffrage because they use the same; 

3) That the neglect of the country's interests and satisfying only the private interests of 
partisans, that democracy is irresponsible, lacks the power penalty, that all parties are 
felonies, are given face each other, no sanctions against its Alor, because it lose against 
any opponent, because they have to turn their transgressions. 

And in this matter let me draw your atenjiunea only on fraud who have made since the 
war which all remained without penally: Black spirits fraud 12 billion; fraud brass of the 
railway 900 million ; fish Soviet, Soviet galoshes, Neamt county forests, forests of 
Bukovina, etc.. and after a brief account, the amount of fraud that were committed in that 
country, since the war, reaching the figure of 50 billion. 

Democracy seen from the outside gives the impression of a very complicated iniquity: 
conclusion: democracy is incapable of authority. And another thing - I'll serve you a 
question that may not have many like you - gentlemen, please let us be tolerant to harsh, 
uncompromising interested in everything, whether Romanian nation, be honest. I declare 
here that democracy is put at the service of national or international Jewish high finance. 
(Switches, noise) 

Gentlemen, proof. I came here with a list that has upset you, but I tell you to not take it 
amiss because they can not keep silent on this issue, this is what Blank calls from the 
bank's portfolio. 

Let me read to you - because everyone will find here. I got a list, maybe not full: 

D. Brandsch, undersecretary of state, 111.000. 

Carol D. Davilla 4,677,000. 

D. Eug. Goga, Agricultural mortgages, 6.2 million lei. 

D. Al. Otetelesanu: a mortgage on the estate of Mrs. Eugene Goga. 

Lahovary DN: No. because d. Davilla, due Peasant Bank. It is not the same, please 
rectify. (Switches, noise). 

D. Corneliu Z. Codreanu: Well, gentlemen, do not say that it is rotten, it will pay, but 
borrowed money. (Switches) 

Gentlemen, could pay or not or do not know, but I tell you one thing: there is an 
obligation that is someone who borrows money to finance such, it is to please the 
government, to support opposition and in any case not hit into it you need to be struck. 
(Applause on several banks). 

Corneliu Z. Codreanu, D.: Next: 407000 Iunian D. D. Madgearu 401 000 d. Filipescu 
1265000, 1519000 Popovici D. Michael D. Raducanu 3.45 million (exclamation on most 
banks), Bank of Tecumseh Raducanu 10 million d. Pangal 3.8 million d. Titulescu 19 

million, and hear, I could not know precisely, that Mr. Argetoianu would be here with 19 

Voices from the majority of banks: is heard! 

Corneliu Z. Codreanu D-: I tell you what I could find. (Switches, noise). There are others. 

Gentlemen, I do not blame the money they were given tips, no! In a form and they took 
money and now there is to see what was done there, I have complete freedom to come 
and take action against the bank outright. 

Members Gentlemen, if sacrifices are required to wipe out this country, we can not 
consent to the sacrifice that would be to do the cleaning bank Bank for the wedding that 
made it to Mr. Paris, where he spent as is heard 50 million lei, as for other things. 
(Exclamation, switches). 

Gentlemen, therefore, we come up with some practical solutions bearing grade youth: 

WE CALL introducing the death penalty solely for fraudulent manipulators of public 
money. (Applause on several banks). 

DVG Ispir: Mr. Codreanu, you lend your d-bearer of the Christian and Christian ideas. I 
remember - 1 am a professor of theology - that support this idea is anti-Christian. 

Corneliu Z. Codreanu, D.: Professor Sir, let me tell you: when is the question to choose 
between the death, disappearance and that of my country and are good Christian thief, if 
not allow the thief to ruin my country and give me a lead to destruction (applause on 
several banks). 

WE REQUEST review and seizure of assets who have stolen the poor country. (Cries of 

WE CALL criminal accountability of all politicians who will prove that they worked 
against the country, supporting private business uncorrected. (Applause on several 

WE CALL prevent future politicians who will prove that they worked against the 
country, supporting private business uncorrected. (Applause on several banks). 

WE CALL prevent future politicians also part of the board of directors of various banks 
and businesses. (Applause on several banks) 

WE CALL chase bands of ruthless exploiters who came to this earth to exploit the land 
and work our arms. 

WE CALL declaring the territory of Romania as an inalienable and indefeasible property 
of the Romanian people. 

A voice on the banks of the National Peasant Party: It is. 

Corneliu Z. Codreanu, D.: The Romanian nation is not. 

WE REQUEST reference to work of all election officials and establishing a single 
command, which is subject to a one mind and one soul in all Romanian breath. 

If the country's leaders are currently blocked due to take whole Constitution or laws, then 
we believe to dissolve the Legislative bodies, to appeal and to call the Constituent 
Assembly, for the people to nominate that will be required to take all necessary measures 
to save Romania. (Applause on several banks). 

POINT 86. STATEMENT BY THE MESSAGE Legion in Parliament held by the head of 
the country. 

After Mon. Oh. in November 1933. 

Therefore, we expect another system, another system, which will come after you, it will 
fall on it and set the weight of his sins. 

He must meet the following requirements in order of urgency: 

1) eliminate the expensive paid sterile discussions of democratic parliamentarism that 
never ever came to light and especially can not go heroic determination to face the 
difficult times of danger now. 

2) To replace the command to assemble in one manunchiu all disparate energies of the 
nation, now locked in fratricidal struggle, discipline them, to restore lost morale, to instill 
faith in the destiny of our nation and to Romanian pathways that lead to destiny. 

3) To declare war on poverty and general poverty urging temperance work and the good, 
sending the force to work with all parasitic elements, which play the role of the drones in 
the beehive state, all the idlers, who keep the cafe table from morning till evening on 
plictisitii all that walking the streets, election agents from all municipalities, prefectures, 
ministries, democratic ideology finally willing to take cheap speeches. 

4) To dismantle everything is riding on the country's weary body to rascoleasca, organize 
and stimulate the creative energies of all people. 

5) To eradicate those guilty of dishonesty and confiscating their assets, to bring back to 
the last penny, the state treasury, the money stolen. 

6) To go ahead the great multitudes of poor and for better or worse, eat the same bread 
and the same table that eats poor poor worker. For in these difficult times, moral misery, 
inequality of treatment hurts more than physical misery. Some live in luxury, with 
champagne and caviar and others have even polenta, under the democracy-loving people. 

7) To make Roman law in his own country. 

To heal deep wounds. To turn secular injustices that he suffered during the long foreign 

8) To protect Romania from the danger posed by ever-increasing invasion of the Jews. 

9) failed to end their existence to the democratic state based on outdated ideology of the 
French Revolution. 

To produce that memorable act of courage reformer, who threw himself completely and 
definitively false system abstractions of political philosophy of this revolution. 

A great setting, and historical epoch in its place is the time to put the foundations of a 
new era. An age of giving back to the national situation of the nation its real meaning of 
natural society, some individuals of the same race, and not in the legal nationality of the 
citizen, which allows automatic conversion of foreign masses Romanian Naval us to 
conquer and oppressed. 

10) rose from the ground up new ethnic national state based on the primacy of national 
culture, the primacy of family and working on corporate supremacy. 

POINT 87. Program and soul. 

I was away to carry out a full schedule. Lines are drawn large and well known (natural 
risk-see them stolen). 

The programs are based on national realities and are realities that still are very much 
those changes from day to day. 

A program may be a combination of theories gathered from the clouds. It must be based 
on facts that hurt, of our Romanian nation. There are wounds to be healed by whom. 
Search for programs? 

They are on everybody's lips crowd. Better you search for people. For one night, anyone 
can make a program and not feel they need in the country. But people and who wills to 
perform. There are movements that have no program, they live in speculation of various 

problems that arise in life. For example: usury. Devours it and then die. If it occurs before 
another prey. 

There are others that have a program. There are others that have more than one program, 
a doctrine they have a religion. Soul is something of a higher order, which mysteriously 
gather thousands of people decide to create a new fate. If one program or doctrine serves 
its program with some interest, the Legionnaires are a great religion for people who are 
ever ready to sacrifice. 

In this belief they will serve until the end. 

However it would seem nice and full lupi§tilor program, Peasants, liberals, you can be 
assured that no lupist is not ready to die for lupist program, no georgist to them and so on. 

Therefore, I make less people gathered at the base of the great faith that you will not 
leave until his death. 

Our Movement Guard has more than a high school spiritual character. 

It tends to light unsuspected faith, it tends to transform, to revolutionize the Romanian 

Proclaim to all parties that evil, misery, ruin, we come to the soul. 

The soul is a cardinal point on which it must be currently working. Individual soul and 
the soul crowd. 

A lie is all new programs and social systems exhibited gorgeous people if a soul grinning 
shadow of thieves, the same lack of conscience order to perform the duty, the same spirit 
of treason against all that the Romanian, the same lust, the same act of waste and luxury. 

Summon soul nation to a new life. Do not seek electoral success if they do not mean 
victory while organized forces of the soul renewed. 

Programs like that? Do you think we can not dry up the swamps? We can capture energy 
from the mountains and electrify the country? Romanian cities can not lift? We can not 
do that our fields to produce fourfold? Rich on our land can not provide bread every 
Romanian? We can not make laws that ensure the proper functioning of a state facility 
near future and our national specificity? We can not make plans quinquenale? We will 
not be constructed here in the Carpathian homeland crown to shine as a beacon in the 
middle of Europe? expression and genius that is our Romanian? Can. 

But the biggest mistake of many politicians was to be exposed to programs in detail 
before being placed in a position to implement them. 

We have new programs in your pocket. They are constantly studying, but they kept for 
their time. We ask the world what you do? Tell funny that people can do more. 

For now our program is: 

1) To achieve power; 

2) To handle such that force to overcome all adverse forces. 

3), and programmatic measures to apply themselves. 

We are legal ways. In any event, the details, either tactical or programmatic operations of 
the secret part of fighting forces. 

POINT 88. The manifesto "ruin." 


It is man's eyes and not see that this rich country has become a ruin. Peasant household 
ruin, ruined village (a handful of people upset that whine), common ruin, ruin county, 
widow mountains ruin, ruin fallow fields no longer bring anything poor plowman, the 
state budget ruin, ruin the country. 

And on top of these ruins as you stretched Romanian territory, a gang of mise, a bunch of 
imbeciles, a shameless gang of robbers and palaces rose in defiance of the country, who 
groan of pain and suffering for slapping your Romanian peasant. 

Never in the world has not seen a more accurate picture scandal, more painful and more 

In addition to millions of households who are destroyed, over millions of poor souls who 
cry rises Robber mocking the palace of looters country. 

Who is it? 

Find it by cities alienated and you'll find. The former dodger from 1916. The hero of 100 
km from the front or back of the traitor brothers and tare, is enriching the razboiu, 
businessman, is the profiteers from the blood that thou hast shed drop by drop from your 
deep wounds. 

When you're back in 1918, you saw him worshiped gras, beautifully dressed in rags and 
you, for then he has rented, and you fell into the dominion of the land which you created 
on the battlefields. 

How would you have liked to get a poor country when Stere, sentenced to death for high 
treason and then pardoned, is head of the party in Romania when a Socor, condemned for 
treason, and degraded, is publisher and MP and Romanian political leadership? When so 
many are at the forefront of country's affairs dodger? 

I raised a flag. 

Against them, against those who have ruined the country, against bands of foreigners and 
aliens who have sucked bone marrow, we raised a flag. 

When I left I asked the blessing under the shadow of soldiers who fell on the battlefield 
for Romania Mare and I appealed to all those who were alive after severe fighting. 

Flag this Neamt defeated hosts vengeful daring politicians. Flag it was smashed to 

Flag this hallowed in two battles, we carry from one end to another of the country. 

He exhorts the anguish of our adversaries and sticks. 

We called the Legionnaires. 

We, the ministers of this flag we have not linked together to steal the country we were not 
tied together as we gain our supporters, and give them bones to chew bones that country. 

We have linked together to stay poor to grave, we impoverish those who are rich, but we 
tied to overcome. To overcome and to retaliate. 

We stand ready to sacrifice all stand ready to die. 

They are new Legionnaires. 

Vain and wrong we have confused some villagers and townspeople, believing that we 
stand to them settled on juveniles and make them desire to give them land to eat it. 

Well, no! 


POINT 89. Towards new spirit bearers. 


Cuvantatorii old party, roam the villages again asking your help to be able to recover. 
Under their rule, the impoverished everywhere Romanism and knelt in front of alien 
pripasjt recently. Large joints of the country are deserted. Politicianizata our world, not 

only sees to the interests of the party for whose victory sacrifices every day and every 
hour, our very future as a nation. 

The collapse of the mountain forests veneticilor fit on hand. 

Gemstones and Maramures motii heart forget all. 

Romanian workers leave the thickening ranks of Communist Jews. 

Romanian trade without protection, kneels in unequal fight with the stranger. 

In frames of our glorious army, penetrates deeper and higher, thinner and corrupter of 
germ consciousness. 

And heavy watches provide in the future. It will be called the big exam once 
international, who will defend the country's land and the glory of our flag? 

Romanian peasant sells its product below cost. Misitii and we have increased flooding. 
The cafes are full of lenders and samsara. They are proliferating at the expense of labor. 
The people are predatory. The Romanians, embarrassed, reached the modern slave Jewish 

Country divided into parties, which are tearing each other, is collapsing before our eyes. 

Old party leadership is not leading a strong hand, and has no sense of direction nationalist 
obladuire and encourage the Romanian element that keeps many centuries the country 
life on his shoulders. 


Faced with this situation, and before it can be re-sentenced politics, I took a sword and 
we raised the flag again at the time. 

He feels the air, more pronounced, the need for other moral principles of political life. 

Despoliticianizarea country is a command of time. 

Instead of the old parties is a need for renewal. Instead of aliens bent always parties, and 
encourage independence policy of Romanism supporter of the country. 

Tell those who come back to grab your hand, that their time is over. "I destroyed them all 

From now on only one voice will be heard, mysterious and inscrutable God: the call of 
the homeland. This voice to hear all your breath. Him to submit a single soul. 


When voice and your wish will proclaim victory, Romania will revive. Will flourish. 
Peonies will bloom in it as your children. The alien will comply. The enemy is fear. 

Soldiers of the Legion of St. Michael! 

When you you are destined by God to build the new Romania, where the Dniester to the 
Tisza, the family invites you to receive the endless applause on the stage of history, your 
breasts burst of steel our cry of struggle and victory: Long live Romania Romanian! 

Long live the Legion! 

Corneliu Codreanu, 

Head Guard 

POINT 90. Manifesto Professor Cristescu (model manifest). 

Romanian Vlasxa County! 

A new movement and determined, guided by the creed of a Romanian tort actions, of 
sacrifice and honor the leadership of the state, he understood the call of the cry of pain 
and rebellion of a whole nation. 

For this country deceived by a gang of predatory politicians and profiteers, threatened 
and humiliated in all her joints and Tnstrainatii foreigners, the Legion comes today that a 
youth movement and momentum, enthusiasm and discipline osta§easca. Under the shield 
of our ancestral religion, called to struggle for the enthronement of a new life of honesty 
and justice. 

Leading them is the son of Moldova, Corneliu Z. Codreanu, who suffered persecution 
and suffering confronting, fighting tirelessly for the salvation of our nation and for the 
triumph of justice. 

The Legion's orders I took the lead in this county to make my holy duty to call the 
Romanian people in this organization who have remained expensive ancestral hearth and 
are determined to fight in the spirit of sacrifice for the victory with us and Romanism 

Romanian Vlasceni! 

Intellectuals, merchants, ploughmen and workers understand your command time and 
enrolled in the Legion. 

Prof. Vasile Cristescu 

POINT 91. "Cuzistii" 


You will not ever forget that these people called "Cuzist" and mocked decade relentlessly 
all our suffering. 

On our backs - once children of all prisons and all the difficult times - were high for the 
day to spit in our face so often hit by enemies. 

92 POINT .. Articles in the country's laws should be made aware that public employment 
agencies (mayors, policemen, policemen, etc..) Propaganda opposing the Legion, abusing 


Penal Code Article 187: Do not count as offense that required or permitted by law, if 
implemented in its conditions, that which was committed by the competent body under a 
work order if the order is given legal forms competent authority and the absence of a 
manifestly illegal. 

When you execute a work order is a criminal offense, manager, or supervisor who gave 
the order, shall be punished as a perpetrator of that crime with which he followed orders. 


Article 1 1 of the Constitution: Individual freedom is guaranteed. Nobody can be detained 
or arrested, except the power of a reasoned judicial warrant, which must be disclosed at 
the time of arrest or at the latest within 24 hours after detention or arrest. 

Penal Code Article 254: Mandate to be issued by the judge, the prosecuting authorities or 
courts where the law gives this right except the right restraint for research granted judicial 
police officers in the interest of research first. 

Penal Code Article 207: Detention for investigation may take longer than 24 hours, when 
someone was arrested for investigation more than 24 hours, judicial police officer who 
apprehended is punishable with jail correctional 1-3 years to 1-3 years correctional ban. 

Article 272 combined with 245 of the Penal Code: a task uzurpand public servant abusing 
his power or legal or beyond the limits of its competence, or disregarding or violating the 
formalities prescribed by law or is digressing a little bit otherwise the duties inherent in 
their duties his arrest, hold or detain someone or cause to do so, commits the crime of 
illegal detention and correctional punished with imprisonment of 1-3 years and 1-3 years 
correctional ban. 


Article 1 1 of the Constitution: No person may be searched only in the cases and forms 
specified by law. 

Article 13 of the Constitution: The home is neviolabil. No home visitation is not only 
competent authorities in cases specifically provided by law and according to prescribed 
forms of it. 

Article 242 Criminal procedure: If the defendant is held, any search of his home is in his 
presence or his agent, or if not possible, a member of his family. When the search is done 
by a judicial police officer, not a magistrate, the assistance of two witnesses is required. If 
the defendant is free, he is called upon to assist in searches without prior Tncuno§tiintare. 

Article 249 Criminal procedure: In addition to felony or misdemeanor, or a search 
warrant can be done at 20 to 6 am inside a house, against the will of the living, rather 
than judge the person. 

Penal Code Article 499: The public official who exceeds the limits of its jurisdiction, or 
by abusing his power, or without complying with the formalities required by law, enter or 
remain in the home of a person, or his business premises in their dependencies, or an 
enclosed place against the will of one who lives there, or has the right to dispose of them, 
commits the crime of trespassing and shall be punished by imprisonment from 6 months 
to 2 years. If this opportunity is and search HOME or other arbitrary action, the 
punishment is imprisonment of 1-3 years and correctional fine of ROL 2000-5000. The 
attempt is punishable. 

Article 40 of the Organic Act of the rural gendarmerie: Acts that would meet or restrict 
individual freedom can not be made based only on written order, whatever the authority 
from which it emanates. 

Article 39 of the Organic Act of the rural gendarmerie: at the request of the injured 
policeman is obliged to issue certified copies to place order. 


Election Law Article 12: The Romanian citizens will enforce the right to vote based on 
voter cards will be issued according to the electoral lists. 

Election Law Article 24: Any citizen can challenge the president of the electoral district 
against those who are indebted to the issue of voter's card and intentionally refuses to 
give him. The President received the complaint, shall order the release of the book and 
those indebted to make the duty to comply. 

Article 115 Election Law: Those who, by blows or violence will not influence a voter's 
vote or shall be placed in pozijiunea to abstain from voting, shall be punished with 
imprisonment from one month to three months and a fine from 500 to 2,000 lei. 

Article 120 Election Law: Election Manifestos and publicatiunile containing no hate 
against order and state security or slander, not to prevent the display in the streets and 
public squares. Those who deliberately destroy them, will be punished by a fine of 500 to 
2,000 lei. 

Article 122 Election Law: In cases where the public prosecutor would take the initiative, 
20 voters have the right to institute and support public action to punish crimes committed 
during the elections. 

Penal Code Article 232: Whoever by force or threat to prevent a citizen from exercising 
their political rights or citizenship, shall be punished with simple imprisonment from 
three months to one year and correctional ban from 1-2 years. 

Penal Code Article 235: Whoever, by any means prevent the free exercise of electoral 
right, or who falsifies a key works or acts of preparation or execution of operations or 
statement of election outcome, commits the crime of electoral fraud and is punishable by 
prison correctional in 1-3 months. If that is committed by a person entrusted to manage, 
supervise or assist in the operation electoral correctional punishment is imprisonment 
from 6 months to 2 years to 1-3 years correctional ban. Criminal proceedings, if it was set 
in motion by the injured party or the public prosecutor, will be driven and supported by a 
total of 20 voters. 


Penal Code 243 : The public official who wrongly refuse, omit or delay in performing any 
act, which is obliged by virtue of his duties or his duties, commits the offense of refusal 
of service due legalmente and is punishable by imprisonment in a correctional 6 months 
to a year and a fine of RON 2000-5000. 


Article 245 penal code: public servant, uzurpand a duty, legal or abusing his power, or 
beyond the limits of its competence, or disregarding or violating the formalities 
prescribed by law, or digressing a little bit otherwise the duties inherent in their duties , 
commits an act that the law does not consider it a criminal offense, in order to get 
someone you unfairly, any use, or to cause damage of any kind, commits the crime of 
abuse of power and is punishable by imprisonment for six months to 2 years to 1-3 years 
correctional ban. The same punishment is applicable when that is accomplished in order 
to compel a person to do wrong to omit, or suffer something. The attempt is punishable. 


Penal Code Article 246: The public servant who, without just reason, make use of armed 
force, as this would constitute a more serious offense or behind him would not have 
produced a more serious offense, commits the crime of abuse of authority and shall be 
punished with imprisonment of 1-3 years and correctional correctional prohibition of 1-3 

Abusive behavior 

Article 248 penal code: public servant in the exercise of their duties, or injury to the 
person uses violence against her, since that would constitute a more serious offense, 
commits the offense of improper conduct and is punishable by imprisonment in a 
correctional - 3 months. 


Penal Code Article 502: The one to steal or suppress a closed or open mail or any other 
document, which are not addressed to him, commits the offense of theft of mail and shall 
be punished by imprisonment in a correctional month to one year, and when released 
ability to purchase content for a material benefit or causing him to another material or 
moral harm, the penalty is imprisonment of 1-3 years and correctional fine from ROL 

Penal Code Article 503: Whoever fraudulently obtains or uses a telecommunication or 
telephone call, commits the offense of fraudulent interception of telegraphic or telephonic 
communication shall be punishable with imprisonment and correctional 1-5 months. 

When the telegraph or telephone communication offender to disclose to and obtain a 
material benefit or cause other moral or material injury, the punishment is imprisonment 
from 6 months to correctional two years. 

Penal Code Article 504: When the crime is committed by the above officials, the penalty 
is increased by one plus up to two years. 

So, the public servant is or what law or order him what his superiors ordered him. When 
he executes an order that gives him the law, that order must be executed under the law, 
with the formalities required by it, and when he runs for a given service order of his 
superiors, that order must have been given in ways that provided by law, have been given 
by a superior who is entitled to give him and not against the law, and he who receives this 
order, shall be entitled to execute. 

If under an order of service, inferior to commit a felony or a misdemeanor, punishable 
both he and the supervisor who gave the order. 

Individual freedom is guaranteed by the Constitution. Any act that achieves this freedom 
can not be performed on the basis of a written order, whatever authority that gives the 
order. When a policeman executed an order for the freedom of a man (arrest, search 
HOME), if the man asks, policeman is obliged to release the certified copy of the order 
instead of performing. 

Country's Constitution provides that no one should be arrested only on a judicial mandate 
and that mandate must be shown to the arrested, whether on arrest or at the latest within 
24 hours after arrest (cf Article 1 1 of the Constitution). 

Penal Code requires that the warrant to be given by judge or prosecutor, or a court. 

The law gives the right of judicial police officers (prosecutor, judge, justice of the detour 
area, commissioner, head of post) to retain for research on the accused, but this restraint 
should not move more than 24 hours, judicial police officer retained who, would be 
punished conf Penal Code Article 207. 

When a public official to be arrested or ordered the law to arrest someone without them 
being given the right to make or order the arrest or even when he has that right, if you 
arrest someone in its sole discretion, notwithstanding the formalities the law demands, 
will be punished conf Penal Code Article 272, for illegal arrest. 

So when an agent comes to the public security force arrest you, ask in what capacity does 
and ask him to show you the written order. 

The Constitution says that no one can be searched, except as provided by law and they 
only show them the forms (art. 1 1 of the Constitution). 

The home is inviolable. No visit to the home can not only by the law, only the cases show 
only the formalities of law and the law requires it. Authorities have this right are: judicial 
police officers (judges, prosecutors, judges circled areas, commissioner, head of post) and 
can not be searched without the written consent of HOME judge. If one that is searching 
at home is arrested, searched the house is not only being in front of him, or a person 
authorized by him, or at least one member of his family. When you do a search of a Chief 
Commissioner or a job, you have to be present and two witnesses. If the defendant is at 
large, should be called to assist the search (art. 208 Criminal procedure, art. 247, 249 pr. 

House searches can not be done between 8 pm and 6 am, except in cases of felony or 
misdemeanor. A judge may at any time (art. 249 pr. Pen.). 

When a public official is inserted into a person's home or yard without the will of him 
who lives there, abusing his power and having no authorization will be punished conf C. 
Article 499 P., for violation of domicile. And if on this occasion did the search at home or 
insulted, or hit the one who lives there will be more severely punished (art. 499 cp) 

All Romanian citizens enrolled in the electoral rolls have the right to vote. Every 
Legionary, who turned 21 years old, is obliged to register on the electoral lists. 

If you are given a voter card, complain immediately to the President of the electoral 

Election manifestoes can be displayed in the streets and public markets at any time, not 
only during elections. 

Ordinances that prohibit county prefects, must know that all Legionnaires are illegal. 

Who destroys the posters will be punished conf Article 120 of the Electoral Act. 

If you prevent a citizen to vote, will be punished conf 232 hp 

Nobody is allowed to vote more than once will be punished conf Article 235. cp 20 
voters will be able to complain to parquet. 

If a Legionnaire bring a petition to an authority and request the creation of a duty to 
research and resolve the petition does not wish, or prohibiting the resolution, to thus show 
their hatred against us, Legionnaire must know that the civil servant will be reported, will 
be punished according to art. 243 hp 

Authorities often commit abuses of power especially against legionnaires neindrepta^ite 
facts and law without committing them to have authority in their power to make them, or 
to bring any benefit to protect their own, or to make a loss of Legionnaire. 

These abuses are punished according to article. 245 hp 

Legionnaires should not be left trampled under foot. 

If a public official, an authority (eg county prefect, or other), make use of armed force 
without valid reason shall be punished according to article. 246 hp 

The public servant must behave with those you owe it to serve. 

If, as the performance of their duties, or insult those that strikes must serve will be 
punished according to art. 248 hp 

Secret letters guaranteed by the Constitution. 

Nobody is allowed to open letters of another closed or read them on the open, for he will 
be punished according to article. 502 hp 

It happens that reprobate government or authority to open letters, even recommended to 
the legionaries, relying for this censorship or state of siege. 

Legionnaires must know that they are clean and that no law abuses in the world does not 
entitle a certain open letters to newspapers and other publications or to stop coming to the 
Guard Post, or to listen to telephone conversations secretly and sell the Guard. 

Claims Legionary Central. 

POINT 93. Poetry Nest Chiefs. 

WILL prevail! 

Listen to the voice of mountain horn sounds, 

And in you all about the troubled deep! 

Raise your head and your school 

You grew up in the old school 

And within the army decided 

For those who want to lose land 

There were flocks of locusts pripasjt 

And you make boundaries more narrow 

Since you are on some backwater in the mountains, 

The realm, in the hills or the valleys sink 

The field that stretches as far as the horizon is, 

Do not hesitate and call listen. 

The Legion are thousands of thousands 

Men, young men of valor, even children 

In the chest of us all 

We also miss seethes: 

Hot ancestral lands the river 

Old yew and Ister 

With all the endless treasures 

It is only our future-n ... 

Listen, are you really satisfied 

That all the sacrifice of those who died 

On the front as the wind was wasted fumu? 

I heart you endure it, 

To see how your family dies in poverty 

While foreigners - brought by the wind - 

Masters in everything bring gold and silver 

Lafaiesc to be fed well-n neck 

The fair palaces 

Naughty lit? 

Romanian school you right now, 

And in line with new stepping-n Legion 

And you will feel the thrill of holy judgments 

And the blessing of the graves! 

March 5, 1933 PETRE STEFAN C, peasant 

Head, Balcesji-Arge 

This brochure is the fundamental law of the Legion, only to formally commit the 

Everything that came before remains closed. 


I wrote this booklet on your meaning of all. 

For now at work. 

HEAD Legion. 


Mota and Marin 

I swear to God, 

In front of your holy sacrifice for Christ and the Legion. 

Let me break the earthly joys, 
Let me pull out of human love, 
The resurrection of my people 
At any moment, 
You are ready to die, 
I swear! 


Dear Comrades, 

Whenever I was in front of an offering churches, I said that as terrible as the supreme 
sacrifice holy counterparts to institute a conquering caste which is to open its doors to the 
life business has fantastic strikes, theft, the carousing, the exploitation of others. 

So some have died, that desires to serve the enrichment of life comfortable and 
debauchery of others! 

Here, now God has brought us here, in front of the biggest sacrifices you can give to the 
Legionary Movement. 

Let your heart, head and body of his comrade Mota and Marin foundation Romanian 
nation. Foundation for future increases in Romanian for centuries. 

Let us therefore based on future Mota and Marin Romanian elite, which she will be 
required to make this nation what our minds can hardly dares. 

You, who represent the very beginning of this elite, bound by your oath that you will 
behave in a way that you really start healthy, great future elite of the Romanian Iron 
Guard movement that will defend all that she can not slip Inland business, luxury, good 
living, immorality, satisfaction and personal ambitions of increasing human desires. 

You swear that you understand that so there is no doubt in your consciousness that Ion 
Mota and Vasile Marin did not have their huge sacrifice for us some of today or 
tomorrow, we gorge on the goodies and benchetuim their graves. They did not die by 
their sacrifice to overcome the caste exploiters to put us in our palaces, this caste, 
exploitation of the country and the continuing work of others, continuing business life, 
luxury, dissipation. 

In this case, poor crowd of Romanians in our victory, would change only company 
exploiters, and the country would tighten istovitele squeezed and powers to support a new 
breed of vampires who suck blood to them, ie us. 

O MOTA, you have not died for it. Your sacrifice you made for the nation. 

Therefore, you swear that you understand that to be elite Legion, in our language, not just 
to fight and win, it means: Permanent sacrifice in the service of people, the idea of 
leading is linked to the idea of sacrifice, poverty, lived the life of harsh and severe, that 
where self-sacrifice ceases there ceases elite Guard. 

We swear so I'll leave the covenant survivors to come to swear on the grave of Mota and 
Marin on the following essential conditions of the elite, which we swear ourselves: 

1. To live in poverty, in the November killing of enrichment material desires. 

2. To live a life of harsh and severe scaring of luxury and indulgence. 

3. Any attempt to remove the exploitation of man by man. 

4. Always sacrificed for the country. 

5. Legionary Movement to defend with all our power against all that he could lead the 
way for compromise or compromise, or against everything that I could fall even high 
moral line. 

Mota and Marin 

Bucharest, February 12, 1937. 

The 10 Commandments 

which should be taken not to lose Legionnaire on his way to the glorious days of dark, 
satanic fury and grooming. To let everyone know that we are legionnaires legionnaires 
and to remain ever. 

1. DO NOT believe in any kind of information, news, the opinions on the Legion, would 
be read in any piece, even if it appears to be nationalism, or whispered in the ear of 
agents, or even good people. 

Legionnaire not believe in anything but the word order of his boss. 

If this word does not come, it means that nothing is changed and that his legionnaire go 
quietly on its way forward. 

2. Realize who you're well on the front. And it weighs how and when an enemy that 
wants to get themselves and it is a bad friend, whom he cheated before an enemy. 

3. Beware of misfortune as a foreign man who urges you to do something. He has an 
interest or wants to make interest by you, or you compromise the other Legionnaires. 

Legionnaire acting alone or on its own initiative order. 

4. IF anyone wants to buy you or entice you: spit in the eye. Legionnaires are neither 
stupid nor for sale. 

5. Run from those who wish to make your gifts. Do not get anything. 

6. Get away from those who flatter you and praise you. 

7. WHERE are only three Legionnaires, live as brothers among you: the union, and union 
and union. 

Sacrifice everything yourself trample under foot all selfish desires and all of you for this 
union. She UNIT, we will give you victory. 

Who is against unity, the victory against the Legion. 

8. Do not speak evil companions. Do not look. Do not whisper in your ear and you are 
not getting to whisper. 

9. Do not worry if you do not receive your order, news, answers to letters, or if you feel 
that the fight is stagnating. Do not be alarmed, do not take things tragically because God 
is above us, and your bosses know the right way and know what they want. 

10. TA in the solitude of God pray on behalf of our dead, that would help us to suffer all 
the blows to end the suffering and resurrection and victory to the great legionary. 

March 1935 Corneliu Codreanu 



Here are the statutes of the association: 

"I took the initiative to establish a link between those who did not become become 

"There are many souls who have been with this movement, but they could not qualify 
either because they were state officials, private businesses, either because they were 
merchants or industrialists barraged with many difficulties in their jobs, either that are so 
constructed that the soul could not fully integrate the spirituality of this movement 

However, there are a large part of Romanian in this country who recognize that their 
young people deserve to be sent to a hand that they freeze on the front fighting for the 

"Look all parties: countries like Italy, Belgium and Germany raised to new life and cut 
his victory road victory in November under the sun. 

"Only we, but we Romanians stand. We look indifferent to all our youth leap and believe 
in all the calumnies which cast upon him. 

"One question we rend our hearts: we Be we, this generation, doomed only defeat? Did 
not we can also give the world a great victory Romanian? 

"These thoughts led us to orient ourselves to a discreet way to help the youth association 
called" Friends of Legionnaires'. 


We presented the Iron Guard leadership, where we were given the following reply: 

"We accept your proposal with great joy to us It will be helpful for victory. 

"This proposal, however, resolve and another and another problem. 

"Around us we have friends and enemies indifferent. We consider a disaster, if tomorrow, 
when the bugle will sound victory over Romanian territory, those who were true friends 
of the nation would be thrown aside with contempt, and those who have hostile or 
indifferent to the surrounding state victory would have to be burdened with undeserved 
rewards to heroes of art. This sad picture follows us for a long time. For if the day after 
his victory would happen, the whole work would smash Guard. 

"Therefore, your proposal is saving: on it we will know who we were friends watches 
harsh on those who stood indifferent to all attempts of this generation and those who 
hated us, feud- and the future. 

"Do not follow a vengeance but we feel the need to create a sense of responsibility 
among the Romanian nation. 

Everyone will be aware that his attitude will respond. No nation can live in a world 
ordered on all opinions, all attitudes, all change and all the compromises. " 


Therefore, the leadership Guard approved this initiative, but made three conditions: 

- We get these Christian friends of any party, any group, any social category. We are not 
interested in any class, any political group they belong and they can remain in the future. 

- Not to receive friendship: 

A) those who attacked us or had an attitude disgraceful thing bordering meanness. 

B) To those who have proven relationships with us or others to be people without 

C) those that were incorrect, to earn their fortunes in dirty or ownership of public money. 

So anyone can enter this world of "Friends of Legionnaires' in addition to these three 


Following this response, we established the following points of agreement directories: 

I. Friends of Legionnaires Legionnaires moral and material help for power, monthly or 

II. They are totally outside the United churches, whose laws are receiving far more 

III. They do not know each other and never meet. 

IV. They may not be known either legionnaire. 

V. The first meeting of these people will be the day of victory. Then they will be called 
the nominal head of the Legion, will be known and celebrated by the entire legionnaires 

VI. He has a serial number and password. 

VII. Will be properly and timely informed on all issues important legionary. 
This association was created Friday, November 6, 1936.